Leaked Image Gives A First Look At Destiny 2, Out This September

As has become an annual Bungie tradition, a retailer has leaked info on the next big Destiny release. It isn't much, but here's your first look at the marketing materials for Destiny 2, a video game that we will no doubt come up with all sorts of pithy ways to describe over the next few years.

And, yes, it's real. We hear Bungie plans to announce Destiny 2 soon.

The above poster, leaked by an Italian retailer, hints at an upcoming beta. A second leaked poster with the same key art promises that the game will be out on Friday, September 8, although that may only be the European release. (Often, games come out in North America on Tuesday and then in Europe on Friday.) Both posters show three helmet-less humans, one of whom is holding what appears to be a Suros-branded shotgun.

From what we've heard, Destiny 2 aims to feel drastically different than its predecessors in several ways. The plan has long been to build planet regions in Destiny 2 that feel less barren than the ones in Destiny, with towns, outposts and quests.

We've also heard that, yes, Destiny 2 is coming to PC.

Bungie did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


    How can you have towns and such when all of humanity has been pushed back into "The Last City" and then erected a giant wall to keep everything out? (this isn't a Trump joke I swear).

      In the most recent Destiny expansion, "Rise of Iron", you learn of a group of Guardians who have set up a colony somewhere (you don't learn where yet) that preaches non-violence.

      Also, you could argue that pushing back the Darkness and allowing the Traveller to begin healing at the end of the main story mission would allow humanity to begin rebuilding and expanding beyond Earth (don't put all your eggs in one basket and what not).

      Last edited 24/03/17 7:43 am

      In Destiny lore, I think there are small outposts and communities living beyond the last city's walls.

      But I think more likely what we will see is the story progress a few years forward and see Earth 'prospering' in that the city will have expanded and larger communities are settling outside the Last City.

    Fuck, I suppose, I should get in there and start getting back into it.

      Age of Triumph, the last live team update, goes live 28th. Bringing back basically everything from Year 1 at current light levels. It's looking pretty stellar and is the send off for Destiny 1 essentially.

    I am so ready for this. I don't care what anyone says, Destiny is one of my fav games of all time. I can't imagine Bungie won't have learnt from their mistakes in Destiny 1 - just please be 60fps!

    PC support? That's all I need. Destiny in 60FPS and 1440p? Done.

      That's got me. I've waited years for a decent casual MMO. I'll get my mates involved too. 60FPS 1440p! YES

    No helmets in the warzone? I also hope that means our Guardians will have more personality and also say more!

    Do we find out the traveler is actually the one that is evil, which makes us the villians in this game? i mean we are the undead after all

    I bought Destiny on day 1 and was underwhelemed by the terrible RNG of getting better gear. But, and this is a massive but, Bungie have been making this game better and better with each live update and expansion. I play Destiny daily. Bungie have learnt how to make the game enjoyable and have learned from past mistakes. Yeah when Vanilla launched it had gaps in content and story, but they have taken the time to really evolve the story and content in its second and third years and I for one can't wait for Destiny 2

    Neat. The only things I want are another good support titan class and for them to confirm that there's the ability for them to balance pvp without affecting the pve stats. I miss my not garbage handcannons

    Maybe after the last game they've pushed back a bit and put settlements in various places

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