People Line Up For The Nintendo Switch In Japan

The Nintendo Switch officially went on sale March 3 in Japan, and in some locations, there were the lines to prove it.

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Because of online sales, it's increasingly hard to predict how a console will do by checking out launch day lines.

That being said, folks went out in Tokyo to line up for the new Nintendo hardware on that chilly morning. Via Twitter, here's how things looked at various shops across the metropolis.

Here's Yokohama.

Typically, there are long lines at Yodobashi Camera, one of Japan's biggest electronics retailers.

However, as this sign notes, there are only enough consoles for pre-orders.

Thus, there weren't lines at Yodobashi Cameras in Tokyo.

As well as in Osaka.

Or rather, significantly shorter lines only for those with pre-orders. Yodobashi Camera says it will have more stock at a later date.

Things, however, appeared different in rural parts of the country, which isn't that unusual for hardware launches.

Above is a local Yamada Denki with no one in line.

This guy got to his nearby Toys R Us early.

Earlier this year, Nintendo pre-orders drew lines in Tokyo, so it will be interesting to see Japanese sales numbers once those become available.


    331,000 in Japan for the opening weekend, it's doing quite good - PS4 good (apparently it also had an opening weekend of 331,000).

    The Switch was pretty much designed for Japan and their love for portables. Slap Monster Hunter onto it and watch it fly off the shelves. Capcom would actually be stupid to not see the money printing opportunity here. Hell, Nintendo wouldn't even need to entice Capcom but probably already have.

      The Switch was pretty much designed for Japan and their love for portables.

      True that. Some are even saying the Switch's main competitor in Japan is the Vita.

      It may have died in the West (and down under) but it is very alive and strong in Japan.

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