Hello! Feels good to be back in the ScribbleTaku saddle.

You're NEVER gonna get this one.



    Pixel Piracy? Also good to have your artistic talents back, Mark!

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    Looks like something out of a Scribblenauts game, but the NEVER makes me think Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates

      A Peter Pan video game maybe? Though I can't find that skull sail in any screenshots.

        could be. That's pretty much what Jake and the Never Land Pirates is based off. Just doesn't have Peter Pan in it.

          I thought it looked a little familiar. I'd never heard of Jake and the Never Land Pirates until you mentioned it.

            I saw it a year or two ago early one morning on tv. Very kiddie show. Counting their dubloons and stuff like that. Captain Hook and his men are extremely similar to what they were like in Peter Pan. Not sure why Peter isn't in the show, or perhaps he has been at some stage, but I haven't really watched it for more than a few mins.

    Absolute shot in the dark - the pirate ship in the background of one of the Worms games?

    This is a massive stretch but I'm going to go with World of Warcraft, because that to me looks like a forsaken ship, a poorly drawn one might I add

    I'm going so obvious, you'd never guess it. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.

    Reminds me of something from one of the Wario games.


    Almost looks like the ship that pops up to ruin my life during the Propeller Knight fight in Shovel Knight? Not sure if that had a skull on the sail though.

    Reminds me of the Shy Guy Pirates in Yoshi Story but the flag is different.

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