System Shock Remake Dumps Unity For Unreal Engine

System Shock Remake Dumps Unity For Unreal Engine

A game swapping engines mid-development is — to put it mildly — a risky proposition. Assets have to be redone, code ported or even cooked from scratch and developers have to acquaint themselves with new tools and workflows. However, in the case of Nightdive Studios and its System Shock remake and its surprise shift from Unity to Unreal, game director Jason Fader believes they’ve “mitigated [the] risk by switching early”.

Going by the latest Kickstarter update from Fader, Nightdive began contemplating the switch in August last year. Driven by the desire to provide proper “console support”, Nightdive looked into a number of alternative technologies, including Amazon’s Lumberyard (an offshoot of CryEngine) and of course, Unreal:

After listening to everyone during the Kickstarter campaign, it became clear that console support was very important to a lot of you. We took a hard look at what Unity could do on consoles, and what we wanted to achieve for both visual quality and performance. While Unity is a great engine, it was clear that we needed to use an engine that fit our project goals more closely.

By September, Nightdive had settled on Unreal and for the rest of the year, started work on a “vertical slice” to figure out the “nuts and bolts” of moving the studio’s work from Unity. Finally, in February, it felt comfortable enough to show its progress publicly, which you can check out in the video above.

Whether the change works out for Nightdive remains to be seen, but it does explain why the developer decided to push back the release to 2018.

A word from our Game Director… actually a lot of words… [Kickstarter]


  • As an extension of this I am interested to see whether Escape from Tarkov will somehow be able to be ported to consoles.That game runs relatively well on unity for how early in development it is.

  • well,whatever get’s it done.the switch has AAA’s but there are limits.skyrim is the most recent one[it might be the original,probably the remaster],yooka laylee will be on other systems[has multiplayer on switch.not to mention,N64].dragon quest 10 and 11 are in japan[but the switch is region free].tales,the 3Dimensional SMT,POT,steep,mario and more have little to no stuff revealed.however,they will be revealed,we get some AAA revealed the trolls get a smackdown on them.they have nothing to say[eternal darkness was filed for trademark,mario/rabbids rpg had mario rabbids in 2 ubisoft trailers,a worker at ubi and another at the big N said it will happen,etc,and some other rumors are probably going to happen,though barely any rumors the switch show most were wrong].however,this could be good.almost forgot,people are happy for the new zelda,obviously,and the skyrim and mario odyssey[suprised it was not called grand theft mario],

  • I think this is a good move. I haven’t seen to many (I know I’ll be corrected) high quality fps using the unity engine, I’m sure there are some. My personal experience with unity based games have although still few, more issues than unreal.

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