The Big Question: What Kind Of Character Do You Play?

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You'll start to see a lot more Mass Effect: Andromeda news over the next week, and with good reason: copies have started going out to reviewers all around the world. And because it's a Mass Effect game, that means spending a good chunk of time in the character creator.

The first obvious one: gender. Over the last couple of years I've tended towards making female geared characters, because I've wanted to hear some different voice-overs and enjoy some interactions I wouldn't ordinarily have. But there's a practical matter too: the physical models of female video game characters have sometimes (but not always) been smaller than their male counterparts, which can be an advantage in multiplayer scenarios.

As for the character of my new video game creation, I have a habit of falling into that one-note trap of going to the extremes. It's partially the KOTOR effect: if you want certain bonuses, you have to double down on a certain stereotype. Sith or Light side. Renegade or Paragon. There's no reward for being a centrist - but being a centrist often results in blander dialogue as well, since you end up invariably keeping everyone happy.

With Andromeda this time around, I think I'm going to deliberately go out of my comfort zone. I've traditionally always played as a sniper, with a second sniper, biotic and Krogan in tow, someone who deftly handles situations from long range with grace. It's time to drop the grace part of the equation.

What kind of characters do you play in video games?


    Normally engineer or other tech character. But for Andromeda, I may go full Jedi with only biotics and melee (I really hope there is some kind of laser sword)

    Paragonest of Paragons, Sniperest of Snipers and a slightly goth woman for the original trilogy. I'm definitely sticking with the sniper and woman parts of the equation, paragon/renegade is mostly gone so I'm not sure what I'll do there, probably sticking to professional with strangers casual with friends, occasionally hostile with enemies?

    Male sniper or rogue. I lean more towards the paragon side of the scale because I like to try to solve things with charm and diplomacy, but I have a rule that if an NPC is an asshole, they're getting hard sassed.

    I always play support roles, so anything that can heal or delay the enemy so my allies can take them down.
    If I can't do one of those roles then I'm just a mage.
    In ME games I played Vanguard because it was just solely about the space magic and so closest to a mage.

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