Here's Your Mass Effect: Andromeda Team

Image: Mass Effect Andromeda/Youtube

Sporting a brother and sister, a blonde biotic, an AI and a "crisis response" officer that's supposedly an idealist, here's some of the characters you'll be spending time with in the new Mass Effect.

The most interesting character out of the bunch is the narrator, Cora Harper, who's pictured above. Current speculation is saying she might be the daughter of the Illusive Man, given that his real name was Jack Harper, a detail revealed in the Mass Effect: Evolution comics published back in 2011.

Other than that, it's mostly an all-human affair. Which is understandable given the whole explorer vibe Bioware is going for.

It's not as enticing as the cinematic trailer that dropped early this morning, but then it's hard to make any human look as interesting as an alien. Especially if that alien is beating the shit out of other aliens.


    I really hope this is more Mass effect 2 than Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Will still play it. Would be a travesty if it was so boring I refused to finish it, though...

    Last edited 27/01/17 11:23 am

    These crew members are not hot enough. That is all.

      man, im glad someone else said it.
      ever since seeing the females in particular and even the asari looks more like a male during transition than the usual pretty face we saw through out the series previously.

        #Liara4Life #BlueLove #BioticGoddess

          even as weird as Samara was, she was more feminine than those ive seen in andromeda.

    Why is the text so small in that top screenshot?!

      i get the feeling you're not meant to read it (it's blurry even at 1080p but if you squint you can totally read 90% of it)

      Last edited 27/01/17 8:53 pm

    I don't feel like I'll be missing out this time round when I don't romance any of these characters.

      I didn't romance anyone in DA:I / ME2 in my first run through (subsequent runs I did it to see how various squad member played out)

      i think it's fine if you don't feel particularly affectionate towards a particular squad mate. You can even argue it's more realistic since you're not going to like everyone you meet in real life

    I'm impressed with how far Biowares animation and character faces have come since ME3 & Inquisition. Frostbite doing some solid work.

    The galaxy map looks great too.

    And I want Liams' (the black guys) jacket.

      Anyone else notice their torsos all seem to be longer than their legs?

    They didn't address the most important question: which ones can I f**k?

      all? lol

      someone, somewhere out there is preparing a mod allowing you to make out with your sibling. it's the internet, I expect nothing less from the collective masses

    Hope I don't have to play as Chinny McStubbly there. Nice to see Donald Glover and Ruby Rose branching out into games though.

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