What's The Worst Character In Mass Effect?

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If you were to do a quick straw poll and ask everyone what their favourite Mass Effect character was, it's not hard to guess what the top result would be: Garrus. Everyone loves him, most people want to bang him, and he's definitely an asset in any squad.

So to spin things around a bit, let's ask the reverse: what's the worst character in the whole series?

I've already stated my dislike for Miranda, although that's partially down to her personality. As a squad member she's incredibly versatile, although I found Samara was more handy as an all-out biotic specialist and Grunt/Garrus more useful as raw fighters. She does have the complexity of the relationship of her father to go off as well, a depth not all the Mass Effect roster can boast.

But for truly awful characters? There's Morinth, a true psychopath who takes her mother's place in your squad and can even kill Shepherd, if you want to walk down that path. But perhaps the worst crimes are committed by Jacob and Kaidan, both of whom are just boring.

Be a masochist. Set the world on fire. Or be the best friend Shepherd or Ryder has ever had. I don't mind. But whatever you do, don't be dull. That's what makes for the truly worst characters, and it's why Kaidan is my pick for actual worst. (Jacob's equally bad, but at least there's a laugh to be had in how shitty his romantic lines are.)

What's your pick for the worst Mass Effect character in the series?


    Only one character cheats on you between games if your romance them and that's Jacob. Plus yeah, he's just the least interesting party member in ME2.

    Kai Leng. But that's just low hanging fruit, so instead I'll say Shepard.

    No, really. Pound for pound she's (bar Kai Leng) the worst character in my eyes - compare the quality of her writing to the amount of time she has 'on-screen' as it were and almost every supporting character has her beat. She may have some great lines, but most of them are pretty dumb (as demonstrated to hilarious effect in the Citadel DLC). If it weren't for the excellent voice work of Jennifer Hale I don't think it'd be much fun to play as her at all (when I tried to play a maleshep run the quality of the writing felt much worse than it seemed to be when Hale was voicing the character, Meer's performance isn't absolutely awful, just really inconsistent), but she seemingly gets a free pass because she's meant to act as a conduit for the character. She doesn't though, she's my Shepard, not 'me' when I'm playing and her choices aren't interesting, only their effects. I love my Shepard for the experiences she granted me, but certainly not for her character in and of itself.

    To be fair Bioware may have shot themselves in the foot a little with the ability to chose your background at the start of ME because it meant that, unless a lot more writing was done for each option (and even more with branching paths, paragon/renegade etc.) they were never going to properly flesh out her back story, motivations or relationships she made/had before ME, but for the lack of those three things I genuinely believe she's one of the worst, even if I like her a lot more than many others in the series.

    Oh, and if you're here for an -argument- discussion feel free to jump in on any of these points too. Garrus is overrated, the illusive man was a terrible character in both ME2 and 3, not just 3 like most argue and ME2 was the worst of the trilogy.

      Sorry but I'm just too tempted by the low-hanging fruit that is Kai Leng to consider any other suggestion. He's hyped up as a big threat throughout the entire game but only ever poses an actual threat when you can't control your character or anything in the game. I've never encountered a character with a more infuriating density of plot armour.

        Playing through as a sentinel, every cutscene that has a character resist damage because armour/shield/barrier just shits me. Kai Leng, on Thessia, barely moved because I dropped his shield so quickly.
        "Cover me! I need to recharge!"
        *waits for gunship to stop*
        *headshots with mattock*
        "Cover me! I need to recharge!"

    Can't decide between Jacob or James.

    Jacob = just so boring (ugh)
    James = just so over the top (my name isn't f*cking Loco)

    Definitely Commander Shepard.
    First and foremost, there is absolutely no consistency in their writing, in some versions they are female, in others, male. They vary between noble and jackass and seem incapable of making a decision by themselves, instead relying on the input from a 3rd party, they are basically a puppet. Frequently dies, incapable of doing anything by themselves, the list really just keeps growing.

    The two girls on the security check in at the Normandy in ME3

    I guess I default to Legion. He spent the entire second game lying on his back on the Normandy. Then he turned up out of the blue in ME3 and acted like a jerk, so I shot him.

    Tali was worth it just for the drunken scene where she rants about Miranda.

    That's hard to answer cuz I have a list
    Kaiden and ash are close to number one most hated characters on my list for obvious reasons

    ME: OT
    Jacob: loyalty mission. was funny though, lol
    James: his character was stupid and Ya my name isn't loco Fucker!
    Jack: to many to list, I just wanted her to shut up
    Miranda: same reasons as Jack
    Tali: liked her in Me:1&2 but in 3 her species battle with the gets was completely ridiculous, "you support a war with the geth even though you knew the reapers where coming, win lose your fucked anyway! Asking for a new planet would have saved lives.

    Peebee: she's just like Sara from dragon age annoying as hell
    Liam: why is he such a douche to the other teammates, when everything god wrong he's starts bitching, he's got anger issues
    Cora: your not an asuri bitch!
    Jaal: his species is dumb everyone says he looks like a cat but no not even close! He looks more like a gecko

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