EA Gets Involved With Pony Island

Two things I bet you didn’t think you’d see next to each other this week: Pony Island, a game about possessed unicorns shooting laser beams and the Devil, and Electronic Arts.

Pony Island was one of the more unusual indies from last year, and one of my favourites to boot. I’d recommend playing it if you haven’t – the game’s still available for $US5 on Steam, and it’s a good few hours of your time to play something a little … different.

That said, the game might be coming to consoles or getting a physical release. Because it’s been officially rated by the Classification Board, with the publisher listed as none other than FIFA factory themselves, EA:

Just picture that image for a second: Pony Island and EA. We’re not talking the kind of unicorns that somehow end up as characters in Peggle, but ones imprisoned for all time by the Devil in arcade cabinets.

I’ve reached out to EA’s local team and Pony Island‘s creator to find out a little more, although neither responded at the time of writing. The most likely scenario is that Pony Island is coming to consoles some time this year, as the game is already listed on Origin (via a cached page on Google).

Those who pony up for Origin Access will get the game for free later this month, along with the Aussie-made Hacknet and C&C: The Ultimate Collection.

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