New GTA Online Exploit Lets Hackers Steal Millions From Other Players

New GTA Online Exploit Lets Hackers Steal Millions From Other Players

Some GTA Online fans on PC and last-gen consoles are being hit with a new exploit that hackers are using to steal millions of in-game dollars from unsuspecting players. While hacking GTA Online is nothing new, this new “trick” has some longtime fans vowing to stay offline until it’s fixed.

Forum posts, Tweets, and videos are reporting that, over the last few days, hackers have gained the ability to steal vast sums of money from players, along with the ability to give people illegitimate RP.

Previously, GTA hackers could only drop money for players or spawn strange objects or rare vehicles — but now, through the use of third party software known as “mod menus,” the cheating has become even more devious.

You can see this exploit in the video below, courtesy of Jack k:

Tustin, a developer who has worked on a PS3 GTA V mod menu, told Kotaku that part of what makes this exploit scary is that it can easily be added to mod menus with little effort, meaning that the potential for spreading across platforms is big.

While the exploit doesn’t seem widespread, those affected are reporting millions in losses of in-game money. Combined with the ability to level up players instantly, the worry is that, by having such an sudden jump in rank, innocent players targeted by hackers could be flagged by Rockstar and then banned.

New GTA Online Exploit Lets Hackers Steal Millions From Other PlayersSource: GTA Forums

Source: GTA Forums

New GTA Online Exploit Lets Hackers Steal Millions From Other PlayersSource: GTA Forums

Source: GTA Forums

Rockstar says it is aware of the exploit and has set up a support page that says it is “actively working on a fix for this issue.” While no timeframe is listed, in the past, Rockstar has fixed issues with GTA Online relatively quickly. Hopefully this exploit won’t be around for long. Until then it might be wise to stay off GTA Online public sessions on PC and last-gen consoles unless you feel like donating all your hard earned cash to some random hacker.


  • How about adding to the story line of the game rather than all the ridiculous DLC that they have been spewing out for the last 18 months?
    I haven’t picked the game up since they released the Heists. Massive let down.
    I hope and pray to the universe that they don’t ruin RDR2 some how =(

  • The trolling mod situation has now made GTAO unplayable. A few weeks ago it got really bad, but now it’s just stupid.

    More often then not, I find myself in a session being teleported around the map, with items being placed on me (like ufo’s, and recently even whole skyscrapers) and being constantly mod-killed, just for some guys amusement. The worst part is that a lot of ppl in the lobby seem to think it’s hilariously fun. Either that or they are just constantly begging the mods for cash.

    It seems to me now that, if you don’t suck up and grovel to any/all mods online, they will simply empty your bank account as a new way to troll.

    Whilst there are modders in many other games, they seem to get found out much more quickly, especially if they cheat in such an obvious way. A player that teleports and insta-kills an entire server repeatedly in BF or CoD will certainly not last long.

    That’s my perspective anyway.

    • Agreed. Rockstar is pretty bad when it comes to this kind of stuff. They left RDR’s online broken for YEARS.

  • This is one reason why they should of kept character transfer open, or at least add another way to transfer the character for those still wanting to get off the old gen servers.

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