Saints Row 2 Is Free On PC Right Now

Saints Row 2 Is Free On PC Right Now

The first Saints Row was a passable, if awkward Grand Theft Auto clone. Saints Row 2 is an honest-to-God classic. You can snag for free right now on GOG.

Gamers who have an account at GOG can pick up a free PC copy of Saints Row 2 over the next few days. Following the tale of an up-and-coming street gang, it is full of killer character customisation, some of the tightest driving and shooting controls ever put into a game, and a ton of side content. It’s fun, flashy and strikes a good balance between Grand Theft Auto‘s increasingly grounded sensibilities and the out-of-control excess of later Saints Row titles.

Grabbing a copy on GOG also means avoiding any DRM. There’s no need to access it through a storefront or punch in a CD key. Just swing on by, grab one of the best open world games there is, and enjoy the ride.


  • GTA clone perhaps, but I’ve yet to find a GTA game that allows LAN co-op campaign where the second player can run off and do whatever they want to do.

    • This game does just that unless you enter into a mission of some description. It is some of the most fun me and a friend have had playing this and the story is awesome….

  • Saints Row was a GTA clone for sure, but I think Saints Row 2 gives us what we would have got if GTA had of stuck with it’s roots when it transitioned to 3D. It was more than a clone, it was an alternate future.
    It’s such a well designed game. There is so much to do and almost all of it is worth doing. Septic Avenger could have been a one note joke, but they fleshed it out into a full on side activity. Insurance Fraud would have been awful if it was even a little realistic, but they recognised that and dialled up the physics up which made it great.
    Not to mention the co-op. They nailed that in the second game. The following games weren’t as perfect, but they’ve always done really well.

    • I just ran into it while trying to setup a co-op game with a friend, their speed being 1.5x and mine being normal.

      Go into your BIOS, enable HPET (high precision event timer) if it isn’t already enabled, then when in Windows bring up an administrator elevated command prompt.

      Type in –

      bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

      Then reboot.

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