The Honest Trailer For Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Here, Buckle Up

The Honest Trailer For Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Here, Buckle Up

Prepare your quest log.

There’s plenty of things to pick at with Mass Effect: Andromeda. So many things, in fact, that the latest Honest Trailers actually feels like it runs out of steam. There’s even a direct admission towards the end: there isn’t really a joke, it’s just that Andromeda is disappointing.

It’s odd in that the Honest Trailers mirrors a lot of my own experience. There’s a lot of crap, a lot of glitches, a lot of silly design decisions. But you push through it, have fun anyway – until a glitch or a broken quest brings everything to a crashing halt.

The only question is: how much will Bioware’s upcoming patch correct some of these errors? It won’t bring back the geth or quarians, but it might return a touch of gravitas to some scenes.

BioWare Promises Big Changes For Mass Effect: Andromeda, Starting Thursday

Mass Effect. Andromeda had a couple of rough weeks thanks to high-profile technical issues, animation wonkiness, and general fan disappointment. In response to that feedback, BioWare has announced improvements to Andromeda that will start easing out the visual kinks, while also teasing some major changes yet to come.

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  • Biowares history with game breaking glitches is what puts me off getting Andromeda.

    Skyrim broke for me for years before I bothered trying to find a solution to a gem breaking bug in the main quest. Ended up having to use console commands to force the quest to move to the next step, which should never be needed.

    Over the past couple of years, people have been more willing to call them out on it as well, so hopefully they get their arses into gear and get it right, because its frustrating as hell.

      • Yup. Really badly worded. Was basically trying to say that it was about time these AAA games werent given a pass, just because the overall product is brilliant.

        Bethesda is the easier target, because so many of their AAA games launch with significant flaws, but Bioware games have done it as well, and been glossed over because the overall game was just so good.

        I know no game is perfect (except Tetris), but a lot of reviews seem to be pre-biased because they are in Franchise X, and not judged on their own merits. Would Breathe of the Wild be so loved if it wasnt a Zelda game for example?

        I dont know, I havent played it, its just an example. I know there are flaws in the game though, that people are willing to accept because OMG ITS A ZELDA GAME!!!

        • For me it feels like the least “Zelda” Zelda game I’ve played, and I don’t like that it’s missing/taken a step back from a bunch of things that previous Zeldas did. So if it weren’t a Zelda then I might actually like it more 😛

    • I’ve already hit a game breaking bug in Andromeda and am waiting for it to be patched. Bloody frustrating.

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