Community Review: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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Over 8 million people picked up Mario Kart 8 when it dropped on the Wii U, but that hasn't stopped people from throwing blue and red shells en masse. Including yours truly.

One of the reasons I took the Switch with me on holiday - to Japan no less - was because I knew Mario Kart 8 Deluxe would be coming out. The Switch is a good thing to have for airplanes and long train rides, but the idea of a few races late at night seemed like a perfect way to unwind late at night.

Curiously, I was surprised at how well the online matchmaking held up. My experience has mostly been on portable Wi-Fi in Japan; I've only been back in Australia for a couple of days, and haven't seen what the experience is like here. But it was smooth as butter when I was in Japan, which was neat given how many complaints I saw about disconnection issues.

That aside, the changes seem fun. Item usage is super aggressive in multiplayer, which seems to benefit characters with more acceleration. You don't get a lot of opportunities to break away from the pack when you're being hit by items every fifteen seconds, so getting the most speed in bursts, rather than top-line speed, seems sensible.

How are you finding Mario Kart 8 on the Switch?


    Terrible game and terrible name. Doesn't even come with bacon like the Bacon Deluxe at Hungry Jack's, where the burgers are better.

      Was going to downvote. Then saw that it was you, shithead. G'day shithead!

    Eek, might have prematurely articulated in that other post.

    Copy pasting, apologies:

    The first weekend with it I was silly and went straight into online with it, having had a lot of time away from the original version, and got absolutely trounced. I did not have a nice time.

    After a week with the game, and the pro controller, I'm getting my groove back.

    I maintain that the actual cup modes are the tutorials for the tracks themselves, I just don't have the time to race race race and understand them like I could have done in the past.

    The Battle Mode, I'm torn on. Still can't get it quite right, or my idea of quite right. The mini-modes inside Battle Mode seem to be randomised.

    I didn't like coin runner or bob-omb battle first, but then I cottoned on and thought they were ok. I can't figure out how to stop the Pirahna Plant Jail one from appearing altogether. That one is terrible, unless I do what the game wants me to do and learn it through attrition.

    I was not sure about the left and right joy-cons as controllers for a game like this, but they both are comfortable when held horizontally, even the weird right one with the control stick in the middle.

    Got it for my Bday

    havent went online yet.. but played old school 4 player split screen...

    it was amazing... old school nostalgia..

    If its close and you're coming first, be prepared for either coins or bananas. That's all I'll say. Loving it though, it's been too many years.

    It's great, short load times and races make this a great portable title and I still find it surreal that I'm playing this former Wii U game on the train. I'm living in the future!

    At home local multiplayer is fun. I tried four player portable multiplayer on the weekend as proof of concept. It gave a couple of us headaches after one race! :p Two player split screen should be the hard limit for portable mode lol

    ive been playing it online and single player. works well. it is just mk8 though so if you liked it on wii u you'll like it on switch

    Has anyone double dipped? I played the hell out of this on the Wii U (and bought all of the DLC) and it's just that too expensive for essentially the same game, with some improvements.

    I hate Toad (CPU) - great game though

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