Destiny Players Kill Every Raid Boss Without Using Guns (Or Dying)

We're rapidly approaching the end of Destiny, a video game in which players must travel through space, finding dumb ways to entertain themselves. And now a team of raiders has done the dumbest, most impressive thing yet: beating every raid boss, challenge modes activated, without firing a single gun. Oh, and nobody died.

To do this, Redditor GladHeAteHer182 and crew planned out a meticulous strategy involving supers (like Radiance and Golden Gun), melee attacks, and lots of grenades. They used relics like the Templar's shield and Aksis's guns when necessary to finish the encounter, but refused to use those relics to deal extra damage to enemies. "It took us around 60 hours to complete it," GladHeAteHer182 writes. "We had come so close SOOO many times, but failed in one way or another. However, persistence lead us down the road to victory… FINALLY!"

Here are the highlights:

One might ask: Why? To which I can only answer: Because Destiny.


    I would love for all of Destiny 2 to make me feel like the first time I entered Vault of Glass; before all the guides and strats. VoG was an amazing lesson in adventure, it filled you with wanderlust and at no point felt forced. In comparison the rest of the game always felt like it struggled to make you want to adventure and would rather force you into certain areas for set pieces that you never really had time to stop and look at properly or if you did you would quickly find yourself out of bounds.

      I liken it to vanilla WoW. It was great at the time because it was a new experience for me. Destiny is the same - they could make a new raid that is more impressive than VoG in every regard you desire, but it'll never be better than VoG, simply because VoG came first.

      Tempering expectations greatly helps survive hype trains and disappointment, I've found.

        Yeah, but with the exception of King's Fall the other two raids and all the other content felt like it was trying to stop me from exploring. Which in turn makes the game feel way smaller and leaves people like me lacking extra activities to do.

    Kotaku, a website in which readers must trawl through "partner content" and esports articles that nobody seems to care much about in search of actual gaming news, has always had some good Destiny coverage. I hope it continues for Destiny 2.

      Have been thinking for a while that this site feels like "In Good Company"... say it with me, synergy.

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