You Can't Bang A Krogan, But You Can Eat One

Image: Youtube (u/Smash B2Z)

Here is a nice looking rendition of everyone's favourite Mass Effect: Andromeda's Krogan, Nakmor Drack. The difference with this take on Drack is that he's very, very edible.

It's the work of Ashleigh Breitkreutz, who is a bit of a dab hand when it comes to Mass Effect cakes. We featured her work a couple of years ago when she made a Mass Effect cake for her partner.

With Andromeda landing earlier this year, and birthdays being a bit of an annual affair, it was a good time to create another Krogan masterpiece. According to Andrew, the lucky recipient of these cakes, Ashleigh trained herself primarily through Youtube tutorials. She apparently plans on starting a geek-focused business at some stage, focusing on the creation of nerdy delights, but for now is honing her talents.

And to think I was getting excited about making an apple blueberry pie or rocky road on the weekend.

The cake itself is chocolate with cherry icing, with the armour made out of fondant. Modelling chocolate takes care of the rest of the details, although there's undoubtedly hundreds of hours behind the artistic skills needed to bring a Krogan to a spongy, moist, chocolate-and-cherry life.

Is it weird that I'm kind of hungry right now?


    Amazing work, but I would have like to see someone cutting the cake and taking a piece lol

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