Podcast: Why A Couple Would Get Married At Taco Bell

Dan Ryckert, Giant Bomb editor and lover of terrible Mexican food, joins today's Kotaku Splitscreen to tell us why he's getting married at a Taco Bell.

First, Kirk and I talk about YouTube copyright strikes (10:21), Red Dead Redemption 2's delay (21:10), and Overwatch's one-year anniversary (27:19). Then we bring on Ryckert (31:58) to chat about working at Giant Bomb, unhealthy eating habits, and what it will be like to get married at Taco Bell. Then we sign off with some light TV talk (1:06:20).

You can get the MP3 right here.

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    Why not? Getting married in a church is boring. Not to mention out dated. This couples wedding sounds a lot more fun than your traditional wedding.

      This. Plus people scream about being open to diversity and then criticize people when they do different choices. All in all.. Whatever floats peoples' boat!

        Exactly, You dont need to spend 100's of thousands on a wedding to have fun. I mean what would you rather have? A cheap fun wedding or an expensive and elaborate boring wedding?

          Yeah, we had a pretty cheap wedding. I don't see the point of spending stupid amounts of money on a single day. If you must spend a heap of money, make your honeymoon even better.

    I went to a wedding in April that cost the couple $80k. Eighty. Thousand. Dollars. Drones for Video, a huge country homestead booked exclusively for the wedding, bottomless bar, ten piece band, you name it.

    Conversely, we did our wedding for sub-$10k and that included the honeymoon - and I thought that was expensive.

    Getting married in Taco Bell sounds A+ in my opinion. People have fun. It's a memorable day. And the net result is - you're married either way! I'll be waiting by the mailbox for my invite...!

      I enjoy attending expensive weddings but yeah, not going to fork out that much money ever.

    Was the Maccas car park booked out that day?

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