Video Games

Video Games

Even the need to survive can’t stop gamers doing what gamers do best: drawing dicks.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is the latest Battle Royale-esque game to hit Steam, and it’s more successful than most with more than 2 million copies sold in the first couple of months.

But while the theme of the game might be the wholesale slaughter of your opponents, some things are bigger than survival. Like coming together to create a massive dick.

Video games.


  • I watched some of his stream yesterday. He was doing custom server games with his subs . They have developed their own zombie/survival game, where the designate 5 people as survivors and the other 95 as zombies. They were tweaking the rules as they went, (zombies could only use melee weapons and weren’t allowed armour, survivors could not use frags, first aid or stims). It was pretty cool!

  • Man, I didn’t even pick that lead pic as a dick :/. Perhaps I’m being spoiled by all the specimens in American Gods atm, that these shoddy tryhards (*snigger*) are just pale imitations.

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