A Moment That Captures Why Super Mario Odyssey Seems So Special

We've written a lot about E3 this week and covered a lot of games, including Super Mario Odyssey. Still, here's one more post about that game, because it's too cool not to share with you.

The above video is from Nintendo's Treehouse Live demo of Mario Odyssey's forest level. In the first six minutes, the Nintendo folks hosting the stream show the basics of the level. They collect some coins and some moons.

And then, at 6:55 or so, they start to run Mario up a narrow ledge. If you want to see some of what makes this game seem so special, watch what happens at that point.



    So she jumped to her supposed death only to find a new level? This is neither a) original nor b) a good thing.

      a) What other games have done this kind of thing recently?
      b) Why isn't it a good thing? If you want to 100% the game is stands to reason that some stuff is going to be well hidden. In this case it's not even that well hidden, there are strange purple coins pointing you straight to it.

        Most people would assume that you have to jump to get the coins and then get back on the ledge. What kind of weirdo would assume that jumping of a massive cliff is the correct way to go?

          It's not the "correct" way to go though. The "correct" way to go would be to continue following the ledge. What you find by jumping off the ledge at this specific spot is a secret area. A secret area that I suspect is not necessarily to find to finish the game but is necessary to find if you want that 100% completion. This kind of thing rewards exploration.

      The Mario games have had these sorts of secrets for a long, long time. Jumps and falls that seem impossible actually lead to hidden areas. Try not to be so cynical and embrace a new (or in the case, old) idea. You might just enjoy it!

        "A Moment That Captures Why Super Mario Odyssey Seems So Special"

        "The Mario games have had these sorts of secrets for a long, long time."

        Reconcile these two statements please.


          The Mario games have had these secrets for a long, long time. It's inclusion in Super Mario Odyssey is one of the reasons why it seems so special.

          The unspoken assumption here is that special means unique or new, which is never actually stated. It is in fact it is referring to practices within the Mario franchise that makes the franchise feel special and that are returning after absences in other games even within the franchise for a while.

    Discovering the forest level on Super Mario Odyssey is just like exploring the Lost Woods I know but Mario dressing up as an Explorer this is like exploring all around Mario Party 2 checking out the stone ruins the great pyramids of Egypt home to The Sphinx that sort of stuff I mean this is a dream come true I think it will be fun and exciting to explore the real world full of nature and even exploring New Donk City is like playing as Spider-Man from MARVEL'S Spider-Man but with different graphics that involves using Mario's hat and even the desert would be great to visit too I mean it's different to SEGA'S Samba De Amigo but with a Mexican twist.

      Maybe if you search hard enough you'll find some punctuation marks?

    Cool, nothing great graphics-wise - means there's no excuse not to have it on WiiU too.

    ...Or is Ninty gonna artificially kill off WiiU to promote Switch sales?

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