The Next Big Mario Game Is Super Mario Odyssey

The next major, 3D entry in the Super Mario series is headed to the Nintendo Switch, with the announcement tonight of Super Mario Odyssey.

It...looks like a 3D Mario game, only the catch here is that Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom behind to spend some time in the real world. Nintendo also says it will feature "sandbox-style" levels.

It will be out in the holiday season.


    this is the first mario game out of all of them that im actually excited for, same feeling towards zelda game too. i think i just enjoy open world games. they both look amazingly enjoyable.

      This Mario game looks great. Can't wait.

    You guys! It's Mario... and he has a NEW HAT!!

    (Seriously though it looks pretty great)

    Watched the launch as it happened, in real time and though some of the presentation seemed a little awkward, the excitement was there. Can't wait for Super Mario Odyssey, I just sat glued to the screen watching the screen shots. It really looks amazing..the only game everyone was a little bit suss on was the new one called "Arms" just odd to say the least. I want to pre-order here in Aus but after seeing both JBHiFi and EB Games @ $999 (placeholder price), I'm not sure where the best place to pre-order is. I'm in Sydney's west. Any suggestions? thanks!

    Zelda, and now a 3D Mario. Can we get a new 3D Metroid to complete the trinity?

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