Ana Is A Sleep-Inducing Monster In Overwatch’s Total Mayhem Mode

Ana Is A Sleep-Inducing Monster In Overwatch’s Total Mayhem Mode

Total Mayhem is nothing new to veterans of Blizzard’s stylised team-based shooter. The mode has been featured in Overwatch‘s Arcade selection on a few occasions in the past, but with the Overwatch anniversary event in full swing it has become an aggravatingly enjoyable focus for many new players.

To understand the pure madness that is Total Mayhem, one must grasp just how different it is from a normal match of Overwatch. Characters have double the normal amount of health, faster cool-downs for their specials, and can unlock their ultimate attacks in mere seconds. This mode definitely lives up to its title.

The breakdown

The breakdown

Extra health is a nice bit of padding, but the enhanced cool-down factor is what makes these six-on-six battles absolutely bananas. Certain characters have more of an advantage with this set-up in place, and it seems to be mostly tanks and offensive heroes that have the upper hand.

Pharah can fly continuously, turning combat into a top-down missile shootout. Winston can string together flying leaps and throw down a constant barrage of shields. Genji and Tracer can somehow become even more annoying than they usually are with nonstop dash attacks.

Then there’s Ana. Everyone’s favourite kickass Overwatch mum.

Having played around 50 matches of Total Mayhem since the start of the Overwatch anniversary event I can honestly say I haven’t see much of Ana, especially when compared to other heroes.

She’s a very technical character to begin with and many players steer clear of her when it comes time to pick a healer or sniper. Not to mention many teammates are uncomfortable with her ally-enhancing ultimate attack.

But Ana has one of the best tricks in Total Mayhem, and it looks like this…

(Gif: Lagizard)

[Gif: Lagizard]

Ana’s sleep dart is an effective tool when used correctly, but it can be easy to miss ones mark in the throes of battle. Only in Total Mayhem does Ana’s cool-down take less time than opposing player’s naps. Thus, she can put her enemies into a permanent hibernation, and she doesn’t even need two doppelgangers to pull it off.

It’s not quite as easy as it looks though. Any damage from an teammate will wake your drowsy opponent, so luring them off to the side of the action is always a solid strategy. It can be legitimately difficult to keep Ana’s slumber party uninterrupted, but it’s certainly an entertaining challenge. Of course, being on the other end of this absurd assault can be hilariously frustrating, but that’s kind of the pull of Total Mayhem.

Seems I’m not the only one who has noticed this Ambien ambush.

Like Mei’s ice wall exploit from last December, Ana’s nap trap is a silly in-game trick that’s worth trying at least once. You know, just to see if you can pull it off.

Just don’t become that guy who does it every single round. No one likes that guy.


  • This happened to me once, although I didn’t know this mode was back.

    I was a Reaper on a payload map so myself and the Ana weren’t exactly missed, in an out-of-the-way area. Another team-mate of mine blundered across us and I was able to recover in time while she was distracted and exacted revenge.

    I remember this moment better than I do some of better winning matches.

  • Almost smashed my screen because I was put to sleep for an entire round. With a troll mercy occasionally healing me so she didn’t kill me…

  • I’ve had this happen to me a few times, but the worst was the time I was Winston and I encountered an enemy Ana perma-sleeping a Mei outside our spawn. Turns out Winston straight up CAN’T kill Ana in this mode and Ana knew it, because she just kept moving in and out of my bubbles and healing herself, all while continuing to sleep the Mei. After what felt like ages, I finally charged my super and used it, forcing Ana to sleep me instead, and then Mei finally killed her. LOL.

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