Good Morning, Here's Some Shadow Of War Story

GIF: Kotaku

Good morning. It's Friday. Let's celebrate by watching some Orcs get sliced and diced.

The industry is in full pre-E3 mode, as evidenced by the myriad of trailers that dropped early this morning. One of the bigger ones was for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, although this time it's a story trailer rather than uncut sequences of gameplay.

It's actually pretty funny with how many different elements are thrown together: there's a massive spider, something that looks like a Balrog, Gondor, dragons, orcs fighting men and women, an undead army.

Oh and Sauron rocks up as well.

Let's just watch.

Following a slight delay, Shadow of War will be released worldwide on October 10. Plenty of time to replay the original, then.


    As a gamer, it looks great. As a Tolkien fan, I cringe.

      The Shadow games definitely have a "fan fiction" feeling to them but considering that SOM is light years ahead of the more "canon-er" Tolkien games I'm not going to let that bother me.

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