Good Morning, Here’s Some Shadow Of War Story

Good Morning, Here’s Some Shadow Of War Story

Good morning. It’s Friday. Let’s celebrate by watching some Orcs get sliced and diced.

The industry is in full pre-E3 mode, as evidenced by the myriad of trailers that dropped early this morning. One of the bigger ones was for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, although this time it’s a story trailer rather than uncut sequences of gameplay.

It’s actually pretty funny with how many different elements are thrown together: there’s a massive spider, something that looks like a Balrog, Gondor, dragons, orcs fighting men and women, an undead army.

Oh and Sauron rocks up as well.

Let’s just watch.

Following a slight delay, Shadow of War will be released worldwide on October 10. Plenty of time to replay the original, then.


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