Here’s Where You Can Watch ScreenPLAY, Seven’s New Gaming Show

Here’s Where You Can Watch ScreenPLAY, Seven’s New Gaming Show
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The Seven Network has announced today that their new gaming show, screenPLAY, will begin broadcasting online today via Facebook Live and through 7mate from June 29.

In a press release sent out recently, the network confirmed that screenPLAY would “cover the latest and greatest in esports and gaming”. Hosted by Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen and Nich “Nichboy” Richardson, the show will also feature presenters from Australian esports on a weekly basis.

““I’m thrilled to be part of Channel Seven as we take this next step forward together to create something special for the Australian video gamer,” Nichboy said in the release.

The company also put out a teaser for the show ahead of a Facebook Live stream at 3:00 PM AEST (1:00 PM AWST, 5:00 PM NZST).

One of the show’s major objectives is a focus on esports, with the release adding that screenPLAY would be hosting their own esports league. The release didn’t contain any information about the games played, structure or prizes behind the league, although it’s likely more information about that will be announced this afternoon and in the weeks to come.

For more information about the show, head to their website or Facebook page. I’ll also have a full interview with Hex and Nichboy up soon, talking about their plans for screenPLAY, how the show originally came about, and what it’s been like taking a commercial Australian TV network into the world of video games.


  • Esports, esports, esports… can we have esports mentioned a few more times in this article, please?

    Seems like a great reason to watch this show, if it’s esports focused. [sarcasm]

    • It is mentioned 4 times in the article. Considering it sounds like that is a primary focus of the show, that would not seem excessive. My gut feel is the execs at 7 have seen thing the the international and the CS events at crown and the associated $ figures being thrown around and figured that is what is popular in gaming, lets see if we can cash in on that.

  • So they [Channel 7] poached from Good Game to create a show like Good Game, but don’t mention anything about getting your latest tech, gadgets, news, and reviews and focus on eSports instead?

    Then they decide to show it on Facebook LIVE and a secondary channel, something tells me this won’t make it to the 2nd season in the current format.

    • Good Game aired on ABC’s secondary channel too. And making use of Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch isn’t necessarily a sign of a lack of confidence. If that’s where the audience is, then it makes sense to go to target them there.

  • I’m wondering whether, as this is commerical TV, they will give only good reviews to those that pay for advertising. Will this become advertorial TV?

    For example, ME:A was mediocre yet were it to advertise would they give it 9/10?

  • The mere mention of esports makes me really angry… That’s probably bad but…. I just don’t get it… All the focus on esports from big publishers just makes me sad and annoyed that they aren’t focusing on single player games. :/ I will never understand the hype.

    • I hate it when people say I there is no single players games anymore! It’s simply not true, yes there is a lot of esports/multiplayer games these days but there is also a lot of great single player games too. Often the better ones are smaller indie types but that’s not a bad thing! There is more games period these days. Yeah

  • I have a really hard time getting behind this. I get that they, “Steph, nich & Pete” are free people and can do what they like but seeing what they did and the effect it had back at the ABC and it resulted in the cancelation of the show combined with the fact they Janet left.

    I just can’t get behind it in principal considering the effect it had on all the staff back where they used to work, I am extremely disappointed in both Steph and Nich & won’t be watching.

    That and channel 7 are dogs balls

    • I don’t think you can blame them for that, though. They left with the understanding that Good Game would continue – and then the network decided that it wouldn’t, even though there was personnel and hosts in place to take over.

      • If they left with that understanding, they’re a bit naive about how personality-based television works. Only solidly successful shows survive major host changes and even then it’s not guaranteed (just look at Top Gear). Imagine if At the Movies had tried to continue without Margaret and David, it would have been a disaster.

        People who are interested in video games get their news from the internet. They watch shows like Good Game for the host personalities, same as people watch Pewdiepie because of his personality, not because of the games he plays.

        Thinking the hosts could just move on to another network and the show would survive just fine is really short sighted and I don’t buy that that outcome wasn’t fully considered.

        • The ABC is a mite different from a commercial network, though, and the ABC had made public noise about wanting to service the very demographic that GG/Spawn Point catered to. The logic wasn’t totally unreasonable, and how all the staff responded after the decision plays into that.

        • I’d take a guess that they had their reasons for leaving. Thy shouldn’t have to stay somewhere they don’t want to be just to make everyone else happy! They are their own people.

          • That’s fine, my reply had nothing to do with personal choices. I said there’s no way they didn’t know what would happen to the show when they left.

  • I’m getting older and I find these 2 cringey.

    At least I could stand Bajo. Reminded me of a mate.

    I remember when they returned from break last year. Hex had been to Europe or something, Bajo had been playing video games.

    • I’m the opposite, I find a lot of Bajo’s humour (pulling faces and wierd video edits etc.) to be really forced and cringey.

      Having said that, I wasn’t a massive GG viewer, so I’ll check out a few of these and see how we go.

  • Jeez … I’m surprised to see so much hate on this article. I suggest everybody give it a watch before they fly off the handle about how they’re going to cover eSport or whether it’ll be pay for review. They only had a launch today, but it felt exactly the same as Good Game Pocket did … it’s not some big new slimey cash grab … you can put the tin foil hats back in the drawer.

  • Will be interesting to see how this goes. Hopefully a big focus on Australian Gaming content. But to be honest i haven’t watched the picture wireless for years.
    Im far to busy playing games.

  • Hex is awesome as usual chill and fun….. And then there’s dick um I mean nick . Such a shame just a hater on everything reminds me of that typical 12 yo squeaker…. Ruins the whole show

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