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    E3 so far has left me pretty nonplussed.

    Apparently if you're not into multiplayer-only Destiny clones or open world boredom, you're not worth making games for any more.

      I really miss big campaign based *offline* video gaming, or split-screen couch gaming with friends.

        There's lots of big offline single-player games but they're all empty, lifeless open worlds. Even the linear game franchises are going that way now. :(

      The only thing that interested me was the XboneX. Solely because I don't have an Xbone & I figure if I get the 4K TV I want it'll be worth getting.

      It's been a dull expo this year. Although I do admit I'm interested in Far Cry 5, I'm under no illusion that it won't be a copy-paste of every other Far Cry game before it. I don't mind the formula for some mindless entertainment now and then though.

      Pirate game based on Black Flag, sounds great! Oh no wait, it's a PVP game. Never mind. I wanted a good solid single player campaign.

      XCOM 2 expansion would have been a lot more interesting if I didn't already dislike XCOM 2's time-critical missions (ie. almost all of them). I know you can get a mod to change it but that really put me off the game.

      Destiny 2 on PC would have been nice if A) they'd bothered releasing Destiny 1 on PC at some point, and B) they'd bothered to make dedicated servers. I don't like joining franchises midway through and I don't like peer hosted online shooters.

      Devolver's upstaging antics in past years and this year's cheap 90s attempt at edgy is really starting to turn me off the publisher. Barely any of the presentation showed actual games, I feel bad for the indie developers under them that could have had their games shown during the conference if the publisher hadn't decided to make it all about themselves instead.

      Anthem sounded like it might be good. At least there's that.

        Devolver more and more reminds me of GOD Games.

          No surprise there, Devolver was founded by Mike Wilson and the rest of the group that founded Gathering of Developers (via Gamecock Media Group, another failed publisher). All three were indie publishers, all three based out of Austin Texas, all three involved in stupid game expo stunts aimed at self promotion (of the publisher, not the games).

          You might remember the name Gamecock. Their employees wearing chicken hats stormed the stage at the Spike Video Game Awards back in 2007 where Ken Levine was about to give his speech for winning Game of the Year for Bioshock. They stole the microphone and tried to advertise themselves. Levine never got to give his speech because time ran out.

          There's a reason they keep getting the cold shoulder from the games industry and it's not because they "fight the good fight" or "shed light on dodgy industry practices", it's because they're a bunch of arseholes and hypocrites. I keep hoping each new publisher they make will have improved from the last one, but they keep doing dumb shit every time.

        Sea of Thieves & Skull and Bones were both disappointing since they're both only MP PVP games. I agree it would be nice for an open world pirate game, that focuses on a single player experience. I guess the only ones who'd do something like that are Rockstar or the people behind The Witcher.

        On the D2 dedicated servers thing - I'm intrigued to see how much of a difference moving the physics host to their servers will make. Theoretically, the only difference between that and true dedicated servers would be ping (which they could solve mitigate by deploying localised servers) and client-authoritative action (which, cheaters aside, sounds as if it would only be an issue if the physics host continues to push your actions after it has determined that you're dead).

        Out of curiosity, as someone who's not that well versed in PC multiplayer, what would dedicated servers accomplish that their approach doesn't?

          Latency and authority are the two biggest reasons why dedicated servers are critical.

          Latency is obvious, residential internet in most countries doesn't have the uprate or response time to properly handle the amount of data transfer needed for realtime shooters. Bungie tried solving that by dropping the tick rate to oblivion in the first game and the result was pretty terrible.

          Authority is essential for a multiplayer game. There should only be one authority in any given arrangement and that authority needs to be neutral - ie. the server, not the clients. Destiny 2's model splits authority such that the clients are authoritative over movement and ability use, which is ripe for manipulation and cheating. Neither the server nor the peer clients get the opportunity to say "hey that isn't right, you can't move like that" or "you can't use that ability yet, it's still on cooldown" because it's not the authority for that kind of action.

          Online multiplayer netcode is an area I've worked on before in my past game development experience, and to my mind what we've heard about Bungie's game hosting arrangement for Destiny 2 is destined for bad player experience and exploitation.

            Fair enough, tho I'm not sure why you think the tickrate was "dropped to oblivion"... It runs the same as the framerate - 30Hz. I would hope they increase it for PC hosts, but for consoles where the game is locked to 30fps, I don't see the issue.

            I specifically called out cheating as being a separate issue - it's as much a matter of detection and enforcement/discouragement as it is of network architecture, and if Bungie hasn't learnt a thing or two watching The DIvision's PC train-wreck last year, then it's going to fail on PC no matter what architecture they use.

              Destiny 1 has a 30Hz tick rate only for combat updates, everything else is on a 10Hz tick rate. For comparison, Overwatch had a 20Hz tick rate at launch and it was heavily criticised; they subsequently increased it to 60.

              It's not just tied to frame rate though, latency and just general calculation time means each client has a different offset tick that compounds time delays especially when clients are considered authoritative. For example, client A shoots just after their game ticked so it's included in the next tick 32ms later, sent to the server over a 50ms latency connection, incorporated immediately but sent to client B up to 32ms later because it just missed the tick there as well, another 50ms latency connection, so when it finally reaches client B it's ~165ms after the fact.

              Server-side prediction helps mitigate the problem, assuming the server is authoritative. In this case it isn't, so a higher tick rate is really needed to help compensate. 60 is really a minimum to my mind, regardless of the actual client frame rate.

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                Oh yes, ticks. 60 is far better. I to hate having 165 microsofts when gaming, I mean one is enough.

                What do you mean a reply fail, well I never

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      I'm as sick of open world collectathons as much as the next guy, but there's still some stuff that caught my interest. The Dishonored DLC, Evil Within 2, Battlefront 2. On the VR front, The Inpatient looks intriguing.

      You mentioned you want more campaign based offline games, and Wolfenstein was shown. That's usually mission based.

      And then I have some time for open world games that do it well. I'm pretty curious about the Monster Hunter franchise finally being on a platform I own, Shadow of the Colossus looks amazing, as does the Horizon DLC.

      It's true there were no standouts. I was excited for a "OMG Bloodborne 2027 - No Man's Revolver" moment - as in some ultra hype game - but maybe it's best that didn't happen. Developers seem to be playing it safe for the most part, or sitting on their secrets quietly. That's fine.

      I feel like I was actually more excited for the future before E3 started.

    Anyone headed to Sydney Supanova this weekend?

      No, although fb reminded me that I went a couple of years ago :)

      We're definitely going to PAX, and I think this weekend will mark the start of cosplay preparations

        Not having a sewing machine at home really makes cosplay hard

          Ikea actually has a great little basic machine for around $100. Good size for kids - my friend bought one to teach her son and daughter to sew.

          Probably worth getting one at some stage. I'm sure Tiglet will start requiring epic Book Week costumes soon.

          Ikea actually has a great little basic machine for around $100. Good size for kids - my friend bought one to teach her son and daughter to sew.

          Probably worth getting one at some stage. I'm sure Tiglet will start requiring epic Book Week costumes soon.

            Might be worth looking into. We don't have the room for it but maybe a little case one that we can store and pull out.
            I spoke to Tiglet about PAX and she said she was interested in being the "little brown girl" (Aloy) so that is getting some serious considerations

    So E3, what have I missed?

      Nothing, absolutely nothing. Unless like me you've now lost the desire to have anything to do with video games, their industry, and their community; that could be a thing you're missing.

      Do you like bland copy/paste open world gameplay?

      No? How about multiplayer?

      Oh. Well... Uh... Hmm.

      EDIT: Oh yeah, Wolfenstein: New Order sequel!

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        Started catching up on things, mostly the trailer releases
        A few interesting things that caught my eye, although I'm not anywhere near caught up
        As far as things that interest me:
        A hat in time: Not super hype but it looks like something Mrs Tigs and I would enjoy playing together
        A way out is interesting but not sure. Will give extra interest due to my love of brothers
        Battletech but nothing really new about that hypetrain
        Interested in seeing how far they push far cry 5
        I have tentative interest in griftlands but think it might be to rogue-like
        New metro game, choo choo
        Another Ori will prompt me to get around to the first one
        New wolfenstein game, choo choo
        Monster hunter is something that has interested me so that on PC could be fun

        Hidden agenda could be interesting but probably wouldn't get it
        If I had friends deep rock galactic could be fun

        Beyond good and evil 2. Glad it is still alive but WTF was that

        Interestingly this has increased my desire to get a PS4 and maybe be a console peasant for bit.

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        I was actually surprised how much I saw that interested me. New Metro, new State of Decay, DBZ fighting game that I'll inevitably buy because "DragonBall", Ashen, Life is Strange prequel, Anthem (that I will forever confuse with "Ashen because screw them for announcing two games with such similar names so close to each other), Tacoma, Uncharted, Days Gone, Monster Hunter World, SotC remake, Detroit, Wolfenstein 2...

        All I wanted out of E3 was a Destiny 2 beta announcement... after the MS and Sony conferences, I think I have until August before my backlog starts filling up again.

        Wolfenstein, and Nintendo.
        They seem to be the only non multi-player online stuff happening.
        Finally pushed me over the line to getting a Switch.

      Uh... original Xbox games can be played on Xbox One... um...

        I am vindicated for holding onto my copies of Jet Set Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon Orta. Two of the best games of their decade and platform exclusive. There's been no way to play them on anything until now.

          This just makes me glad that I can re-download my copy of Black.

    My plan for the long-weekend was simple: Finish Prey, maybe get some time in to watch some of the E3 presentations, and get in some work on my Destiny workflow code.
    What actually happened: Friday night, I found out that Factorio has a new patch... so I spent 36 hours playing that.

    No regrets.

      My plan was Iron Banner.

      I actually spent 2 days moving bookshelves and one day making curry and bolognaise.

    Week 3 of being unemployed after our parent company collapsed into voluntary administration. The administrators seem to be completely uninterested in dealing with potential investors, which means the prospects of going back to work are just above none. I've had lots of requests for quick pieces of work, but no money coming in, probably for a long time, and so far no promise of work has gone further than me sending resumes.

    However, as the requests are dying up, its time to start some rapid prototyping on the game front, get some tech in place I've been wanting to do for months. I'm onto procedural building generation, so I can quickly generate out cities. I've more or less got a character generator in place, so I can create people with random values for clothes, height, weight, gender, that kind of stuff. Still have a stiching issue, but its more a matter of "oh god I dont want to fix that" as opposed to "I dont know how to do it".

    I still feel weird, sort of displaced and floating. I have to remind myself its ok to sit in front of a computer and so stuff, because I have nothing else really to do. Also, E3 was a disappointment, I figured I'd celebrate independence by watching it live. Kinda hollow victory that one

      City generator would be cool for low budget movies too, I'd love to see a demo.

        I'll shout out on here when its done. Got some cool tech pieces I'm trying to merge at the moment, but of course balancing that with spending time with my family, hunting for work, and a bit of study. Not much though.

    I just bought an old PS1 Wheel, along with the original Colin Mcrae Rally, TOCA World Touring Cars, and NASCAR 99 for $50.

      TOCA 1 is a fantastic and brutal racing game.

      Winning a season in that game is hugely satisfying.

        Funnily, it's the only one I don't have.
        Oh, and the tank is amazing. :)

    Kotaku vs gizmodo who will win sherlock holmes something something - god am I so sick of seeing that rammed into my eyeballs on what seems like every fucking page. Please, a little more variation in partner content.

    What happened to TAY, and the comments generally?
    It used to run out to 7 or 8 pages by the end of the week, and now it barely makes it to a second page. The articles seem to have few comments generally as well.

      The redesigns of the site has made it run like utter arse. The comment system is broken in a lot of ways, the site's festooned with annoying ads that eat mobile bandwith for breakfast, you can't edit your comments without being auto-modded, and basically everyone has quit to twitter.

      Yeah, everyone's on twitter. The mobile version of the site struggles on my phone, and it often refreshes the page just to prevent it from freezing.

      I also have nothing to talk about

        True it jams up my computer and editing a post has it in mod limbo. I thought it was just me.

          It is causing issues for everyone. They all use twitter cause it's a lot quicker also.

          I think it was covered before (sorry editors if I got this wrong). The main reason is to keep ad-bots out of the comments.

          While they offer guest comments there isn't much else that can be done.

          But if anything is to be changed, I think they should just remove the voting system. It gets abused so often to silence unwanted posts that moderation has virtually run out of any meaning now.

          Last edited 15/06/17 4:32 pm

            I never downvote someone because of their opinion. Usually it's the way it's presented that makes me downvote it. If you're gonna be an arsehole about it, I'm gonna downvote it

              You're an example of how users should be using the down votes.

              But there are a few that are ruining the experience for the rest that abuse the down votes to censor those who go against popular knowledge, even if said knowledge is rhetorical and/or mythical.

                Oh sorry. I guess it's hard to moderate

                The problem with using it for any for of abuse is there are posts I would downvote because they are terrible. Like saying pineapple on pizza is an abomination. That should be down voted.
                There is nothing to say up/down shouldn't be an agree/disagree. If anybody is out of line that is what the report button is for.
                A big part of the confusion is there is no clear understanding on what they should be used for.

                  Even when there's a clear statement on how they should be used (eg. Reddit), people still downvote over trivial disagreements anyway.

                  Also, I don't see how this post increases my microsofts per second in the online gamers. Do better.

            I apparently get auto-modded on Gizmodo now because it puts you into bad user hell if one single post of yours gets downvoted hard (I made a joke and apparently people didn't find it funny)

      The comment system kept doing that thing where it eats the comment and gives me error messages until I log out then in, so my interest in commenting dried up. My comments aren't great, in TAY or in the general comments, but if other people are having the same issues I am they're probably losing interest too.

    So I haven't watched e3 stuff, but it looks like the Nintendo booth at least will be full of fun things to play at PAX.

    Also, Batboy is being invited to some fun birthday parties - 2 weeks ago was a very fun Plants vs Zombies party for a Mr5, and this week is a Zelda themed party for a very obsessed Mr7. We're making a tray of Dubious Food (aka jelly trifle).

      I am in the early stages of planning Tiglet's party. We are going with a Wallykazam theme.
      Bobgoblin cake (hopefully), going to do strawberry mouse with mint leaves for strawberry and pickle pudding, dragon biscuits and not sure what else.

        Don't forget Wally's magic wand (aka pretzel sticks!) :)

    In other news, if you haven't been watching Good Game Spawn Point in its new Saturday morning format (it's actually a great time slot, perfect for the school-age audience), then you should catch-up on iview.

    Last week Rad visited the Kotaku offices and had a chat with Serrels, and the previous week Goose went to the Sydney Wargaming Offices and Batguy was on TV! \o/

    Huh, so the one reason I'd buy a Switch isn't getting a western release. If it gets a 3DS release, I'll still pick it up, but I'm even more thankful MH is getting a proper cross-platform game now.
    Edit: Nvm, Gamespot's translators are apparently terrible. "Capcom have no plans for a western release *at this time*." Which is par for the course for MH games, really.

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    Ah fuck. Went to buy a ticket to Stone Sour with meet & greet package, and they're completely sold out.. Not too worried though, I wasn't overly excited to see them this time since Jim has left the band, I got to see them last time when he was still with them. I'd just like the chance to meet Corey, all my other friends that like Slipknot/Stone Sour have met him i've always lucked out lol.

      Yeah, Corey would be 99% of the reason I'd want to buy one of those packs.

        Yeah M&G was only $160, which for someone like Corey Taylor is well worth it, since Alice Cooper M&G started at $600 :/

    JB you've done it again.. They have a competition if you pre-order the new Alice Cooper album you go into a draw to win tickets to see him along with a meet & greet, and you have to answer a question what is your favourite Alice Cooper song & why, in 25 characters or less. I barely was able to fit the song title in 25 characters, I think someone fucked up and didn't change the parameters to be words and not characters, heh. And of course you can't post on their Facebook about it & they're pretty bad at getting back to people on Twitter from past experiences..

    So I've beaten a few games. First one is Dragon Age: Inquisition. I originally bought this on 360, but didn't put much time into it. Got it cheap on PS4 last year, put some time into it but many games got in the way. Over the last two month I've put a lot of time into it. I found it to be just ok.

    I'll get my biggest complaint out of the way, the leveling system. For some stupid reason they decided to simplify the leveling system so that it feels pointless. Originally when you leveled up you got your choice of 1 ability and 3 points into your stats. You can still select your ability but now the points are automatic. Dragon Age 1 and 2 had the option to do it automatically, but the keyword is option. So now you can't decide to increase your warriors health, strength or defense, it's already decided.

    I absolutely hated this, there was no freedom to level your characters any specific way. For example, in DA2 you have a Blood Mage who can use their health instead of their MP to cast spells. I made mine upkeep 4 spells, putting their MP at 0 (I loved this) and put so many stats into health. Their health bar was higher than my tanks. I bought more spells instead of leveling them and gave the order to spam them all, at everyone all the time. I loved it.
    In DA3, you can't choose a health tank or a defense tank. Also the max level is 27, which sounds so arbitrary considering they could have maxed it at 25 or 30.

    While you can select any ability, you're kinda encouraged to follow each characters preference, at least if you want to take advantage of each characters personal class. So Vivian becomes a close range mage that gains benefits from barrier spells. Cole becomes a close range Rogue. Try and avoid deviating from that.

    They also simplified the gambit system and now orders and controls for teammates basically don't exist. You can't tell a mage to run away when engaged in melee or use mind blast, now your options are between don't use specific ability, always use ability or really use ability. You still can't control when they do it.

    Combat seems interesting at first, but after a while of trying to strategize anything, I discover it's just a DPS race. Healing and resource management doesn't really exist and potions are only used to make up for a mistake, or when friendly A.I messes up their barrier spell or something. I stopped thinking about how to fight and just rotated through my abilities with no real thought between when to use them. Also there's no menu to select abilities, only what's limited to your controller. So you can't have more than 8 abilities 'equipped'. Before I would select stealth from the menu when I needed it, but now I stopped using it because I didn't need it all the time.

    The best thing about this game is the environments. They're all so huge and varied. But this feels more like a huge apology for DA2. Nothing wrong with that, but at times I wonder if this part pulled time and money from other areas. Although when getting all icons on the map I had some trouble getting through the environment at times where sometimes it felt like I was breaking the boundaries.

    The story was just, eh. Like, there was this urgent lust for revenge the characters had for the villain, but I didn't really feel it. He was just there, slowly losing throughout the game. Then you have a final boss fight with him and it was so boring. I just rushed in, DPS, he teleports to a new area. Do it again and campaign over (except they sold the ending in a separate DLC).

    The characters were mostly fine, with only two exceptions. The way they handled their storys and romance options were done really well (although Varric felt like he was only there cause they didn't want to waste him in DA2). The one character I hated the most was Sera. She was just so friggen annoying and made everything worse. Normally I rotate through my characters in these games, but I never took Sera. Even her quest line has her violently murder a noble right in front of you if you ask him too many questions.

    I didn't really have a problem with Krem, but I did have a problem with the trans angle they were going with. It just doesn't match up with the background. They could have just said she hated the system for women but they threw in the trans part for no reason. Which is a shame cause I thought her character was decent, only beaten by Cassandra.

    But that does lead into my problem with another character, Iron Bull. The most fake Qunari in the franchise. I really hate what they've done with the Qunari. It's made worse by the fact that they accepted Krem but also cause in the DLC they had female Qunari warriors. Keep in mind in DA1 that the Qunari was such a patriarchy society (for reals) that Sten couldn't even fathom the idea that a woman could fight. But now it's like, they really don't care. They tried to get away with it by suggesting the women you fight are actually priests, so that it still counts. Except their leader is also a woman. Whatever.

    There was a nice variety of quests and that war table thing was pretty decent. In the end I thought it was ok, but still disappointing.

    Another game I beat was Zombi on PS4. A game where they suggest you're going to die a lot and have a real hard time. Except I really didn't After seeing that the zombies had a real long stun animation I saved so much ammo by just clubbing everybody one at a time. You get a syringe with anti-virus juice that will allow you to survive one bite before needing to refill. But I never used it once.

    The only time I died was about 4-5 hours in when I reached the Tower of London. A zombie noticed me in the sewers and I backed up behind a waterfall to attack. When he jumped through I smacked him and he blew up, which was the only death I had in the game. I even managed to make it out of that Church scene without dying, but it was the best moment for me as I had to start thinking about what I needed to do. The next best moment was the final run where I just shot every zombie I saw, I had enough ammo by the end game.

    Just saw the thousands of negative comments on GTAV on steam due to the shutting down of the mod tool, pretty funny stuff. the overall steam rating has dropped like a rock

    Ran through all the E3 games that were at the various conferences and added my thoughts (trigger warning: lots of negativity). There's some stuff I missed because it was in those montage sequences and only shown for a few seconds so forgot what was in there and I couldn't find a good list anywhere.

    - Madden (who cares)
    - Battlefield 1 DLC (don't care)
    - FIFA 2018 (don't care)
    - A Way Out (I didn't play brothers. I have no friends. Pass.)
    - Need for Speed (if I want a driving game I have multiple Forzas)
    - Battlefront 2 (Somewhat intrigued by single player, may pick up on the cheap in 2018 some time)

    - Mario + Rabbids thing (This looked surprisingly good, but I'm still not sure I'll play it)
    - AssCreegypt (I burned out on AC badly after AC4 - Rogue was the only one I enjoyed enough to finish. I'm not sold on them turning this into a more RPG-heavy thing but it might pull it off. Will pick up on PC. By the end of the year I'll be ready for this kind of game again I think)
    - South Park (The previous one was so great, but the arc in the cartoon this was based off was ass and it's not Obsidian, so cautiously optimistic, waiting on reviews or a cheap deal)
    - Far Cry 5 (I don't like Far Cry and there is something about the whole setup and presentation of this one that really rubs me wrong, possibly because of my upbringing)
    - Steep Olympics (Making the best cup of tea is now an olympic sport. Also I don't care)
    - The Crew 2 (Take a shit game with bad driving, and add more vehicles? No thanks.)
    - Skull and Bones (World of Pirateships. Will try it out if it's free to play.)
    - Transference (VR Horror? No. Even if Elijah Wood tries to sell it to me)
    - Starlink (This would have been cool when I was 12)
    - South Park Phone Game (fuck off Ubisoft)
    - Just Dance 2018 (LOL)
    - Beyond Good and Evil 2 (This looks to have nothing at all to do with BG&E beyond the fact there's a Pig-man. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt because I like Michel Ancel, but very, *very* skeptical)

    - Doom VFR (Meh, might give it a go)
    - Fallout VFR (Don't care at all for Fallout)
    - Skyrim shit (Make a new game Todd)
    - Dishonored 2 DLC (I have a lot of respect for Dishonored, it looks good for what it is, but I have zero interest in playing it)
    - Elder Scrolls Online Expansion (Make a new game Todd)
    - Elder Scrolls Hearthstone Knockoff (Make a new game Todd)
    - The Evil Within 2 (Not for me)
    - Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (This was literally the first thing shown at E3 that I was unreservedly excited for. New Order was so fucking good. Can they pull it off again? No reason to expect they can't)

    - Forza 7 (I own Horizon 2, 6 and Horizon 3 and haven't played any of them)
    - Metro Exodus (I didn't play the Metro games - they don't look like something I'd enjoy much. Also this footage was fake as fuck. I'm sure the concept of a third game is exciting if you like those games.)
    - Playerunknown Battlegrounds (whatever the fuck it's called. 100% not a game I care about)
    - State of Decay 2 (Zzzzzzzzzzzz)
    - Ori and the Will of the Wisp (Very pretty. I never got around to the first one. One day maybe if I can be bothered)
    - Life is Strange Prequel (I didn't play the original. This looks worse in every way, including the fact it's a different developer and the fact that the publish is apparently scum that work around the SAG strikes by hiring sound-alikes means I have zero interest in touching this, or going back and playing the first game either)
    - Minecraft Crossplay (Cool. Sony are a pack of shits)
    - Cuphead in 2017 (I want to like this just off how it looks, but it is apparently stupidly difficult so maybe not)
    - Sea of Thieves (I can't talk about this because I am in the Alpha test and have an NDA, even though I keep missing the play sessions :( )
    - Crackdown 3 (How did this become a tentpole game? Crackdown was a fun but simple game, and the sequel was all kinds of shit. I expect this to limp out and be forgotten.)
    - Shadow of War (I enjoyed the first game a lot, but found the combat quite tedious toward the end, and really didn't enjoy engaging with the Run-your-own-army bullshit and that's apparently dialed up to 11. Still, I'll probably buy on release because I have poor impulse control)
    - Anthem (Looks good, but also not what I want from them. I have zero faith in them being able to pull off a good open-world shooter at all, and even less that they will make a game I can play without friends and have a good time. That said, they've shown themselves to be pretty shit at making the style of game I *do* want from them recently too. So I'm very skeptical. At least they've got until 2018 to prove me wrong)
    - Killing Floor 2 (Meh)
    - Ashen (meh)
    - Darwin project (Blergh)
    - Dragonball Z thing (Is this what Microsoft were teasing when they said they had stuff that would appeal to fans of Japanese stuff? Fuck off Phil)
    - Black Desert (I'd just play on PC if I were interested)
    - The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti (looks like the sort of game I'd buy on Steam in a sale and never play)
    - Luckey's Tale (It was shit in VR, maybe it'd be slightly less shit without VR.)
    - Code Vein (Very briefly appeared in the montage. God Eater team, but Soulsian instead of a Hunter apparently. Strong story element. I'm in, but not if they make it fucking dub-only again which ruined any interest I had in the stupidly late God Eater 2 release)

    - Uncharted 4 Spinoff Thing (Yeah I'll buy it, it's an Uncharted game and it's Naughty Dog so at least it will be better than the Vita one right? But this wasn't new, we already knew it was coming out in August and I've already got it ordered anyway)
    - Days Gone (Title is a metaphor for how much I feel my life was wasted watching this boring-ass uninspired QTE-filled zombie bullshit game)
    - Detroit: Become Human (Fuck off and go make a movie David)
    - Call of Duty: WW2 (Terrible trailer, but I'm somewhat interested in this for the first time in a long time)
    - Destiny 2 (You won't fool me again, Bungie. Destiny was a shitbiscuit, the DLC was rampantly unfun unless you had a regular group, and Taken King marginally improved the shit story but took away one of the only elements I actually liked (Dinklebot). Destiny 2 looks like it's Destiny with raid matchmaking and less UI transitions. Still doesn't fix the fundamentals. Nope.)
    - God of War (Aka Kratos the Shit Dad Simulator. I don't know what to make of this because I still haven't seen any proper gameplay. I'm intrigued but not hugely interested.)
    - Shadow of the Colossus (I hate the modern industry's revisionist approach to everything. "Oh cool I never got to play the original" I hear a lot of people say. Well, you won't be. This is a fucking remake and they've apparently redone all the models, fixed all the animations, and changed out the music. Fuck. This. Shit. It sucked when George decided to make Han shoot first, and this is the game equivalent of doing that to the entire fucking movie. I will have nothing to do with this at all, it upsets me so much. Actually upsets me more than no one else seems to care about one of the few works of art the medium has being remade and is instead calling for cut content to be added. Everything I hate about the AAA games industry rolled together.)
    - Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC (Yeah maybe if I ever force myself to play more of the game, but I found it to be utterly devoid of enjoyment so unlikely)
    - Marvel vs Capcom (Did we really need to try and get some kind of epic story mode shoehorned into this? Cringey as hell. Not interested)
    - PSVR stuff (Nothing here looks remotely enjoyable. The worst has to be the FFXV fishing thing, fuck that shit sideways. Why did I even buy a PSVR?)
    - Monster Hunter World (Looks very pretty but also lost all its charm and differentiation from the pack in the process. Also, Monster Hunter IMO is a portable game, not something I want to play on a home console. Would rather be getting a game for the Switch. Unlikely to bother with this)
    - Spider-man (Batman Arkham Asylum + Spider-man seems an okay idea. Game looks good. Proof will be in the pudding. I don't like Spider-man much and never had much interest in the comics or anything. Wait and see.)

    - Arms (Sell it to me for $20 and I'll buy it. Not enough game to pay $60 for it)
    - Splatoon 2 (I didn't play the Wii U one, will get this so that I feel like I actually own a game for my Switch that's remotely good - haven't got a good game on it yet)
    - Pokken Tournament DX (Would be interested if I gave two shits about Pokemon or Tekken)
    - Rocket League (Hey remember 2015?)
    - Kirby (Yawn)
    - Yoshi (Zzzzzzzzzzzz)
    - Zelda DLC (I'd care if I could play more than an hour of Breath of the Wild in a single session without getting hacked off at it for something, throwing a controller and turning it the fuck off)
    - Metroid Prime 4 (Nothing at all to show but the logo and people still lost their shit. Wait until it's a real game IMO, remember Other M? Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing with Metroid. Also this is going to be so far off that it's not worth hyping for it. I'll buy it if it's good)
    - Pokemon RPG (No shit, a Pokemon game for a Nintendo portable is in development? Also: sky is blue, water is wet)
    - Fire Emblem Warriors (Catiously optimisitc about this. I like Fire Emblem. I'm not going to enjoy having the fucking horrible dub voices for Fates and Awakenings characters shoved down my earholes though).
    - Xenoblade 2 (I want this to be good so much, but I just am not feeling it from what they're showing. Battle system's been messed up for no reason, characters are all fucking children and the game is being dumbed down to chase a teen rating and avoid upsetting people apparently. I don't know what Nintendo are doing, the audience for these games isn't the audience they seem to be targeting. Also dub-only apparently. The only good news is that Nintendo Europe are doing it, not Treehouse. I'll still buy it but after the utterly crushing disappointment that X was and based off the way Nintendo has been handling JRPGs in the last 3-4 years, I expect to be very upset when I get this. It doesn't need to be as good as the first one, just please be adequate. )
    - Metroid 3DS thing (I want to retire my 3DS dammit, make this game for the switch or multi-platform it)
    - Mario Odyssey (Looks very, very odd. Not sure if I'll enjoy it but at some point one of these Switch games has to actually appeal to me, right?)

    Stuff not at conferences:
    - Zwei (Steam release of old Falcom game Zwei 2. This always looked fun, glad we're getting it)
    - Ys VIII (So. Fucking. Excited. Probably going to triple-dip on this and buy on all three platforms, I'm that into it)
    - 13 Sentinels (Nothing new to show, no gameplay or anything, but it's Vanillaware and I want it)
    - Radiant Historia remake (I'll be buying this, though I wish it was on Switch not 3DS. Original game was hamstrung by being on DS so late, this will be the same).
    - Etrian Odyssey 5 (Wish it was on Switch. Will buy to add to my collection of unplayed Etrian games - I really like them but they're such a huge time investment)

    My take-away is that AAA and honestly a lot of games in general have been doing nothing for me recently. Microsoft had a stronger conference for me. Sony was more games but I don't want to play many of them and the SotC thing makes me legit angry. Nintendo had some stuff that intrigues me but they've burned me so much that I'm not sure I can trust them. Nintendo really needed to show to me that I made the right decision buying a Switch, and they failed hard. Where are the third parties?

    In terms of stuff that's actually this year:

    Am excited for:
    - Wolfenstein
    - Ys VIII

    Want to play but hesitant to get excited for some reason:
    - Assassin's Creed Origins
    - Shadow of War
    - Call of Duty: WW2
    - Xenoblade 2
    - South Park
    - Mario Odyssey
    - Uncharted 4 Spinoff

      A bit of negativity there but i think that is always going to happen when you review every game, so many are not going to be for you. I don't think you are alone in feeling like there wasn't much there.
      All my negativity has been directed at BG&E2 for this E3. To go from cool gameplay trailer of Jade kicking ass to a sweary teenage xtreme trailer with a explanation of "it's like GTA but in space" has me really upset.

      The new wolfenstein and new metro have me interested but thinking they may be taking it further away from what I loved about the original games. Seems like a lower focus on plot and story that really made the original games.

      Besides another couple of smaller things (like hat in time) there wasn't much there that I really cared for.

      Holy hell dude, I've seen a lot of people review/write about a lot of stuff from E3 this year, but that's the first list where I can almost feel the negative vibes pouring out of my screen... I don't know if I want to congratulate you or be wary of you :D

        Honestly, mostly disinterest. The only things that actively rubbed me the wrong way were BG&E2, Anthem and especially the SotC Remake.

      Your thoughts/feelings on SotC are incredibly on point. The whole affair should be making people furious. Video game industry deserves to thrown into a landfill when it does shit like this.

    Inc rant of some sort.

    Had a mate post on Facebook last night that he finally finished the main story to GTA V and that he killed Trevor off and then was all "now there's nothing to do in the game it sucks" all he did was the main story, which leaves you at around 60% completion, I rattled off the other stuff you can do off the top of my head, and he ignored me and started crapping on about the voice actor who played Franklin & how that Michael was the best and totally misunderstood. Whilst totally ignoring what I said. Like at least give a response to me calling out your bullshit, plus all the extra shit in GTA V are heaps fun and I put in close to 100 hours on my initial PS4 copy to just get to 98% game completion! (he also still has my PS3 copy I leant him 3 years ago.. Which he never played and keeps telling me will send it back to me every time I speak to him. I'm just gonna have to send a prepaid express satchel so I can get it back so I can then sell it, since it's the steelbook edition that goes with the limited collectors edition.)

    But then again he's the one that'll post a status like "It'll cost me x amount to do everything I want at oz comic con in Melbourne this year, if I only eat noodles or rice." Which is basically begging for $$, and then the next day I see him post (more like gloat) that some friend who will remain nameless "donated" $500 so he can do what he wants at Oz Comic Con.

    Again same friend about 3 months back I think? Maybe less. Posted on Facebook his PC died because he tried to install a graphics card, I think he just blew the power supply, but didn't want to listen to me because his "expert PC friend, said it was all dead" this same friend told him that an Intel Xeon E5-2670 was a good buy for $300 when in fact you're lucky to get $60 for them on eBay, I always told him come ask me for help with anything because I will try to make sure you a) don't get ripped off b) make sure you're not going to break anything which will then cost you money to fix.

    But after putting out on social media that he had no computer and was going to buy a custom system from PCCG (as in one PCCG sell all ready to go, you just have to turn it on) but didn't have the $$ for it, someone randomly gave him a couple of thousand dollars to get a system with a GTX 1080, an i7 7700k & 32GB of ram in a very nice Enthoo Evolv case with tempered glass & RGB lights.

    I wish I could not feel okay with begging on social media for my friends to give me money for luxury things, I couldn't even do it when I was facing a $2,000 vet bill for Chilli when I was unemployed. I get that he's on a disability pension (he's in a wheelchair) & it's hard for him, and he has had a job before, but afaik chooses to stay unemployed.

    He's good company when I see him (he lives in Melbourne) and we've been friends going on something like 10 years now, but god damn. I just don't like that sort of behaviour where it's all "poor old me, I have it tough". A lot of us have it tough, unfortunately. I wish life was easier, but that wouldn't be as challenging and make things boring.

      Your friend is a leech. It sounds like you need to have that conversation with him where you tell him he's a leech and ask if that's really the kind of person he wants to be. If he's comfortable with it, then remember: always be wary of leeches and try your best to keep them at a distance.

        I don't really have much to do with him, honestly. I don't offer anything for free, apart from computer advice and it's rare he'll ask me for me help because he knows i'll tell him to stop listening to the deadshit friends that live near him & are only out to rip him off or mislead him. It's also rare he'll strike up a chat. I have to laugh though, he was going on a while back (maybe feb/march) he hasn't seen Slipknot since their Sidewave Show & appearance at Soundwave in 2012.. I was all "Uh, so Soundwave 2015 & the headline tour you attended in 2016 doesn't count?" he was all "Nah that was a festival & Clown wasn't here for the headline tour.." He actually forgot he had seen them twice since 2012, he just didn't want to admit to such a shit memory. Which is interesting too since he claims they're his favourite band and that's how we met back on the Slipknot forums back about 10 years ago, heh.

        I'd mention it, but he'd probably just crap on how life is tough for him and do nothing to better himself or ignore that I said anything about it. Which is why i'm fine with rarely speaking to him. He used to be a pretty good mate, but things change & so do people.

      Sounds like a top-shelf wanker to be honest.

        He can be quite self absorbed tbh. The other thing I dislike that he does is he posts statuses every time he is in pain (kidney stones which just won't stay away apparently) and goes to the hospital and it's a pity party for him in the comments, all I do is roll my eyes and continue scrolling through my news feed, heh.

      Blimey. He must have some well off friends to get handouts like that!
      When I got sick, I had to go through the same sort of thing a few times unfortunately. I hated having to ask for financial help, but I would have been in a much worse position had I not. Luckily some legendary people were kind enough to help me out and saved my bacon. I am still very grateful to this day for their generosity, but it didn't feel good having to practically beg for help. Only did it when I had no other choice though.
      Thanks to them though, I made it through, and thanks to other events, I'm in a comfortable position now for the first time in many years. Not knowing that guy, I don't want to assume his status, but if he really has to constantly beg for it, he should at least not get braggy about it, and keep the specifics to himself.
      I was worried enough about people getting the shits with me the couple of times I had to do it. Friends would easily tire of it quickly if it was all the time.

        I know right? It seems that way, doesn't it!

        Your case was very different imo though. You had legitimate cause to ask for money. I don't think it's fair to beg to get a gaming PC because you're inept and probably killed your last one :P

        Yeah it kinda felt like "Look at this awesome friend who I won't name, but look how awesome you are and I have a new shiny thing & you don't."

          heh yeah kind of an odd way to behave. I sure wouldn't beg for something like that though. Like maybe if like my motherboard died, and I NEEDED one to get me up and running to finish something that was going to make me money, but not just for the sake of wanting something!
          I mean, if I posted about something, saying i wanted it, but couldn't afford it, and someone offered to buy it, I'd do my best to talk them out of it, and unless they insisted that it was ok cos they struck it rich with a lotto win or something, I would feel so damn guilty if they did!

            Yeah cause he has a laptop, so I knew he wasn't with out a PC, he just couldn't play PC games. So dramas there. Also I found out a few weeks back he bought a Go Pro Hero 4 Black when they came out & used it once (he had ambitions of a YouTube channel heh), and he says it won't charge. I feel he's just being inept. I told him to buy a new battery because it could be the battery but bitched & moaned batteries are expensive, I said just buy one off eBay from China that is compatible with it, cause I can't see them being expensive probably $10 and free shipping cause it's China.

            Yeah that's a bit different if it was something that broke and it was part of your work life or whatever. Especially if you're keen on paying the person back or compensating them for their generosity/charity which most people would do, cause that's called being a decent human being.

            This is totally gonna sound like a first world problem, but what I find worse is the friends who insist on paying for stuff when you hang out and never take anything in return, I love them for it, but I feel bad and I wanna give back, let me damn it! haha. My mates girlfriend is bad for this it seems, since she has a pretty well paying job & him & I just work at Woolies & he's a uni student so it's worse for him. But we went out the other night and she bought my first beer & some other stuff. I'm all nooo, but thank you! She wouldn't take anything in return lol. They're good mates, & people too.

              If they're close friends that do that, I don't mind as much, but casual friends that do it gets to me a bit too. If I ever offer to pay for someone, and they try to give me something back, unless I know they're really scraping cos they're out of work or something, I'll generally let them. Or if they like, try to give me $20, I'll talk em down to $5 or something. At least they get the satisfaction of having contributed when they want, even if it's not all they would have liked ;)

    Well basically did a Too Human on the weekend...

    [Reels back from the 20,000 sharp objects]

    ...Hear me out....

    As hilarious as it sounds, I actually got Sin: Emergence a little while before Ritual got bought out and starting playing the game. Played it for I think around two hours then put it down to return to later.

    This weekend, over a decade later, I finally got back to it and finished. Pity the remaining eight episodes never got made but at least that is one more game of my mountain of shame.

      I can't recall if I played that SiN or not anymore. I have a feeling I did, but wasn't what I expected it to be?
      I looooooooooooved the original SiN! that game was so damn good! It was the most colourful 3d shooter around at the time (instead of being a predominantly brown/green palette), and had the most accurate hit detection I've ever seen, even to this day! There might be other games that do it well now, but I may not have played them, but of the games I have played, the only other game that even came close to it's level of accuracy, was Goldeneye 64!
      I loved the opening scene in the original SiN too! Sitting on that machine gun in the helicopter was such a great way to start it! :)
      How much did the new one set you back?

        Funny that you mention the original SiN. I actually gave that a show and for me, the hit detection was off.

        I went to fire at a goon and it still hit the hostage a foot away even though the gun sight was on the enemy.

        Though I will admit, this is the steam release so it would not surprise me if there are new bugs in its. I even heard some of the content was edited down to fit Steams guidelines.

        But I can't deny the opening is great. One gets to follow a pidgeon as it flies calmly though the air, only to be reduced to meaty nuggets and a rain of blood.


          mmm weird. Might be something to do with that as you said. Either that or patches since have changed it a bit, but I was specifically referring to the actual blood splat spots on the characters when you hit them. Like if you shot them in the hand, it'd appear on their hand. Hit them on the eye, it'd show on their eye. Many other games, when you'd shoot them in a limb, there would be just one kind of default blood splat that would show on that limb, but in SiN it actually showed exactly where you hit (back in the day at least!)

        How much did the new one set you back?

        I can't remember; I bought it back in the day around a decade ago.

        It's currently listed as 9.99 USD (and this is through the client so I think it is USD and not AUD).

        Assuming it didn't change, I probably paid the same.

        My brother bought the boxed copy before me so we got cheeky. He installed the game and once it was updated (this was back when we only had dialup), I got a copy of the files and put them on my machine.

        Steam doesn't care where the files come from; as long as they are paid for and are the real, unmodified files.

      For the age it was released and for what it was trying to do, Sin wasn't that bad at all I thought.

      At least not in the league of Too Human, which was a fascinating story and interesting concept trapped inside an absolutely terrible game.

        Hehehe. I was implying my time to complete the game was the same as Too Human.

        Originally, it was said the game took over 10 years to make and when that didn't work it was then claimed the game was built in 4 years and leaving people to wonder if they just simply left the game years ago and the release was only a dusting off of old code.

        But I do intended to finish SiN. Just started a new file so maybe 15 years later I get around to finishing it.


    Spent the weekend playing ARMS, and it's pretty great!

    Had a friend round and we went through the roster, working out some truly gimmicky builds. Playing the grand prix as a tether team was ridiculous, playing with each half of the motion controls as a pair was even harder (pacific rim mode).

    Unlocking ranked mode wasn't as hard as people were making it out to be, but the higher rank AI certainly starts to poke holes in your strategy from about level 5.

    The ending credits music is fantastic btw, every bit as good as mk8.

    As expected, spent another 25 hours or so playing Factorio over the weekend. Got purple and yellow science automated (albeit extremely slowly for the moment), but spent a lot of time dealing with blackouts - repeated biter attacks on my northern outpost gutted my coal supply, and it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem to get 40 steam boilers back online.

    Eventually I set up a bit of logic to disconnect the majority of my base if the power supply starts to drop, so I should only get a full-on blackout if my coal supply dries up (or the outpost gets wiped out), and I can jumpstart the system with a relatively small amount of fuel, but I'm sorely tempted to just set up a nuclear reactor... I've never used nuclear power before but it doesn't look like it will scale its output to conserve fuel like the boilers do; and 20hrs of mining has resulted in a meagre 16 pieces of usable U-235, so I want to save up at least until I have enough to start a breeder reactor before I start relying on it for power.

    Until then, I guess I just need to make sure my coal lines are well defended. Maybe I should look at rigging up the coal mines with their own solar power, and make it self-sustaining...

      It's been a while since I played last, I guess nuclear reactors are a thing now.

      The last time I played, 90% of the gameplay seemed to focus around building an efficient main bus and then just kinda cascading new automation from that. Has that changed at all?

        It's still "build a bus and keep it full" but I think I may have massively over-engineered my iron pipeline, cos I spend most of my time working on the logistics coming off the bus. Nuclear power isn't in the main branch yet - been playing the 0.15.x branch, which also has some neat re-balancing changes that go along with it.

        Logistics robots use a lot more power (apparently - I never got that far in my initial 40hr game way back in 0.12, so can't compare, but they're the main cause of my brown-outs), steam boilers are larger (2x3 now instead of 1x1) and consume a lot more wood/coal/fuel, blue and purple science packs are a bit more complex to produce (blue requires electric miners, red circuits and engines, purple requires assembly machines, electric engines and electric furnaces - no more alien artefacts) and there's two new tiers - military (requires armour piercing ammo, grenades and turrets) and high tech science (from speed modules, batteries, copper wire and blue circuits)... and apparently there's also a seventh tier for endgame upgrades that you get from launching satellites, but I'm not quite there yet.

        They also added trains (with a full signalling system) in 0.13 or 0.14, so have been using them to transport large amounts of ore from mining outposts that I set up, and have been considering doing the same for crude oil as 0.15 adds wagons that can transport liquids...

        Got a steady stream of U-235 coming in now, so I'm currently working on the math for supply/demand of two reactors, and deciding how much U-235 I want to set aside for nukes, and how much U-238 I want to devote to cannon shells and bullets so I can eliminate some of the more problematic nests.

    Whee. My Alestorm shirts arrived the other day! I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the prints too! I didn't expect them to feel this quality for the price they were ($25 AUD each or so). Also I never buy white shirts cause I hate them, but I just had to buy that one in the pic there.

      Awww, you didn't get the "fucked with an anchor" shirt? :D

        I did, it's right there in the middle of the picture :P I wore that out today, everyone I spoke to didn't seem to notice it :( lol.

          Ohhhhh, I thought that was a group shot from the store, when you wrote "I don't normally buy white shirts but I had to get that one" I didn't realise you got all of them.


            Haha. I can see how you assumed that :P I wasn't just gonna get one because shipping would be unreasonable lol.

    Well, Persona 5 is certainly addictive...

    Started playing FFXIV over the weekend.

    Boy was that a mistake. Spent 36 hours out of the last 72 playing it.

    I rolled on Coeurl, which is a new server in the NA data center. My biggest issue with the game back when 2.0 came out was that lag meant I was constantly being hit by AoE attacks even though I'd moved out of them "in time". Haven't had this issue at all this time. Don't know if they fixed the server architecture or if it's just better latency, but I'm not complaining.

    Naturally rolled a catgirl, default choice for weebs everywhere. Thought about a lizard lady but they're a bit weird, and also considered a midget but while they're cute, they're not that cute. Amaretto Panettone because I like the repetition of the double tt and I was hungry. Also it works. Side note: I thought this name was kind of clever until I saw a midget wandering around named Pumpkin Spice-Latte and then I realized I'm not clever at all :(

    The benefit of a new server is they give you a double XP boost until 60. This combined with the fact that I believe Stormblood has an XP boost, and I have some boosting items, means that I'm advancing stupidly fast. Like, level 15 main story quest turn-ins are giving me 1/4 to 1/3 of a level each at 25+.

    Initially rolled a Pugilist/Monk again, with the intent to switch to Rogue/Ninja at 10 and take that to 60 first, then swap to Samurai, then come back and pick up Conjurer/White Mage for healing duty. Trouble was that on Friday with Early Access starting, the servers utterly fell over for all the instanced Main Story Quests because there's no queue on that system and it was hammered to bits by all the people entering Stormblood content. The problem is, I needed to do the class story to 10, and do the main story to the point that it unlocked the ability to travel to another city, because Pugilist starts in a different zone to where the Rogue's guild is.

    So I deleted the character and re-rolled Marauder/Warrior. Limsa Lominsa is a better starter zone anyway. Hit another snag at that point - Marauder's level 5 and 10 quests, needed to unlock other classes, were both instanced. :( About 10pm Friday Night the instance servers started to stabilize a bit and I managed to advance the story quest and the Marauder quests, and unlocked Rogue. Got Rogue to about 15 or so, grabbed Fishing and leveled it a little, then called it.

    Following day, the instance server queue issue was back, but I'd advanced stuff to the point that I was moving between areas, finally. Stopped into Gridania first to do stuff there, picked up Conjurer and Archer while I was there as well as the tradeskills. Advanced Archer to 8 and Conjurer to 12 or so, did some botany, then continued on my way to Ul'dah, where I grabbed the other tradeskills. Then back to Limsa for the level 15 Rogue quest which I'd avoided previously because it was instanced, but by this point instanced stuff was working fine. Flying through the levels. Unlocked the first dungeon finally, but beforehand noticed they added a new thing which is optional but basically gives you a sequence of tasks that teaches how to play your assigned party role (DPS/Heal/Tank) and rewards a set of pretty fab looking gear that seems to basically be a copy/paste of the set from the first dungeons, plus a ring with a 30% XP bonus until level 30. So I did that, then queued for Sastasha, doing some fishing in the background, getting that up to 15. Then called it.

    Upon waking up Sunday, I jumped back on, unlocked Tam-tara Deepcroft and ran that quickly, After finishing it, I ended up leveling up my Marauder and Conjurer to 15 so I could do the how to dungeon stuff with those as well and get those sweet sweet gear sets. By this point I'm still doing level 18 or so dungeons but am way over level (they sync your level down). Did Copperbell Mines next, then started the big long quest chain that leads you to joining the Good Guys Group with all the dipshits (seriously I don't like any of these guys except Y'shtola). Took a break from that to do the 25 rogue quest (still doing level 15 or so quests at this point!) and the amount of running was starting to really annoy me due to the lack of a mount. Normal leveling speed you get access to your mount around level 20. But again, main story content. Unfortunately it's gated off behind the fight with the first Primal, Ifrit. And hardly anyone seems to run trials any more. :(

    So I jumped in a queue at like 1am in the morning, and just waited it out. 40 minutes later it finally pops. Easy one-run kill, thank god. It's an okay fight but what I recall was that the Titan fight is much cooler (way better music). With that out of the way I was finally free to join a Grand Company (Maelstrom, because the tree hippies and Angrymen don't interest me as much as fucking Pirates - also this means I can be a Pirate Ninja). What I remember from 2.0 was doing a fuckton of quests to get enough marks to buy a Chocobo, but I checked and they had a couple of gear turn-in options that would give me more than enough on their own, so quickly crafted both (got leatherworking and goldsmithing to 10 as a side-effect!) and got my Chocobo, which I naturally named Mascarpone because it's the obvious combination with Panettone and I was fucking hungry again (but that something like "Roast" or "Dinner" or "Drumstick" or even "Original Recipe" might be a bit silly). Turned in for the night - what was left of it fuck me it was like 3am :( - after that.

    Current status: ROG 29/CNJ 21/MRD 18/PUG 10/ARC 8. Huge progress.

    Plan for tonight: Continue story, do Rogue level 30 quest, do next instance dungeon or two. Don't play until 3am again so I don't end up getting fired.

    @wisehacker, dragging up old topics here, but just thought you might be interested to know, that it was in fact windows that was causing all the issues with DTS Live and Interactive. Something in the creators update broke it, and nobody was able to get them to work.
    I checked this morning, and saw a post from someone saying it was working for them, so checked, and windows was waiting to reboot for updates. Now I'm on v 15063.413, and can confirm that DTS Interactive is indeed now working for me again over optical output :) w000t!

      OK. I had seen that news but though it had been resolved already.

      When I installed that Xonar the other week it worked without a hitch.

      But good to hear that it's working for you. DTS FOREVAH!


        Are you using Dolby Digital Live or DTS Interactive though?
        I don't have DDL support on my card, so I couldn't test it, but DTS Neo was working the whole time. Interactive however, when you selected it, and tried to run a test, it said it couldn't play the sound or something, and in another spot, when you switched to DTS Interactive, it would just automatically switch itself back to the previous state before you could even hit the test button!
        The post I saw this morning said it was working in 15063.3xx, but when I looked at mine this morning, I was on like 15063.2xx. Not sure why I seem to have jumped the 300 gap, but glad to have it working again :)

          Are you using Dolby Digital Live or DTS Interactive though?

          DTS: Interactive, doesn't look like there is support in the card itself let alone the driver.

          Might check the state of my drivers anyway later - I like to keep the latest drivers installed.

    Mad As Hell is back on tomorrow night. Hooray! \o/

      I've been waiting for long for its return!

      When I found out the other month I quickly made sure my TvHeadEnd box was ready.

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