What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I'm not expecting to get a gargantuan amount of gaming in this weekend, but there is one game that I've been keeping my eye on for a little while.

It's Tokyo 42, the latest game from the British studio behind Frozen Synapse and Frozen Cortex (which totally should have just been called Frozen Endzone). I was a big fan of both of those games, particularly the soundtracks, so the prospect of having another dose just before E3 lands sounds like the perfect tonic.

Beyond that, I'm slowly starting to play the odd bit of Quake Live again. It's fun to run around in Clan Arena when the Quake Champions beta is down, although it probably still won't replace the magic of those Quake 3 Threewave maps.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Might play some more Mario Kart 8 on the Switch.

    At the risk of being chased out of here, I've put off Zelda until all the DLC is released. To me, if there is DLC then the game is not technically complete. But that is just me.

    But back to Mario Kart 8, I swear the AI in the game actually learns from the player. I've played the 50cc cup a couple of times and each time I swear the AI players become more inventive each time.

    Especially in the final lap where I once was hit by (no joke!) a lightning bolt, a blue shell, and two red shells!

    Still came first but I honestly felt the game was ganging up on me!

      That's fair, I'm waiting for Dead Rising 4 and Recore to be "complete" before doing the same.

      I *am* playing Zelda, but pretty much at a pace that the DLC will probably be out by the time I am far enough through it anyway ;)

    Finishing up the event running in World of Warships, then who knows? Every AAA game sitting in my pile right now has turned out to have zero appeal to me so time to go diving for something that isn't a massive, bland open world game.

    Watch_Dogs 2. Picked it up for $30 the other week for PS4. Really enjoying it over what the first one was. It's still a little clunky like the aiming & driving. But it's a big big improvement over the first imo. I also like the San Francisco scenery, it's nice & refreshing.

    Might play some Prey or speedrunners on saturday and then we've got d&d on sunday.

    getting pissed off at loot boxes in overwatch

    Continued FFXIV trying desperately to do as much catch up as possible before SB early access.
    Downtime will be filled by Disgaea 5 on Switch. (finally!) Catching up with friends for a bit tomorrow afternoon, but all else on the weekend is gaming and chilling out.

    I'd like to play Tekken 7 cos it looks hawt, but I aint paying that price for it :\
    So instead, I'll probably play some Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, and Quake Champions when the beta goes live again soooooon.
    I wanted to start playing La-Mulana, but you can't use WASD to control it, only arrow keys, and that's just too damn awkward for me these days. Back in the dos days it wouldn't have bothered me, but I'm so used to WASD now that I can't handle doing directions with my right hand.

    Vanquished, now that the FPS bug has been patched.

    Tarkov, Battletech alpha, Worlds Adrift (depending on whether I can get in with a proxy) and Injustice.

    Looking to properly learn a third character as my finger work is not quite where I need it to be for Cheetah. I think I might learn Bane for the massive damage.

    Zelda and Mario Kart 8 (one of only two games at this stage my missus will play, the other is Tetris)

    Continuing the trudge through Persona 5 (about to finish palace 4) to get to the latter parts where things are meant to pick up. Game's dropping some pretty big hints about a couple of upcoming twists so I'm wondering if it's trying to mislead me. Pretty interesting either way.

    I picked up ScreamRide for $4 last week, so I'll probably keep playing that.

    Hopefully finish grinding Moe Chronicle on Vita.

    Watch Dogs on PS4... it's OK so far. I like hacking people's bank account details :-)

    Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins for PSP. Pretty good so far.

    I thought Tokyo42 was published by Mode7 but not developed by them?

    Bulletstorm, then King's Quest, probably :).

    Checking out a trial of Everspace on the X1 and probably some more Overwatch

    It's my Birthday weekend so I have 5 days off (Wooo annual leave!). Just picked up PREY and a new surround system for my PC so I'm going to be completing that with all the side missions and finally finishing off the Nathan Drake collection on PS4

    Hollow Knight - so good, best metroidvania I've played in ages. Just a pleasure to explore and dig into.
    Maybe some more of the cs custom Hydra stuff too.

    Some more wolfenstein the old blood and random time fillers

    -Overwatch (bought in last week because it was $55 in the Blizzard sale). Very much enjoying it and playing with friends here and there.

    Played during the free to play they just had on Steam. Its the first WW1 shooter I've played (waiting for BF1 price to drop) and its been a blast. Enjoyed it enough to buy it on special for $7.50USD (which ends Sunday).

    -Wolfenstein TNO
    60% through the story and its awesome. Put it on hold after getting Overwatch (which is addictive) but might slip in a few hours to get through the solid story.

    Finished Prey - as much as I loved that game during the beginning, the last hour or so sours the experience quite a bit for me. I did not like that ending one bit. Still worth playing, I suppose.

    Playing Persona 5 New Game Plus.

    Just bought the JB HiFi PS4 Pro bundle today so playing Horizon Zero Dawn and will start Prey tomorrow....shit living in a town with nothing, had to drive 1.5hrs to Rockhampton, then back again to go to JB. Worth it though to have a console again

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