Whatever You Do, Don’t Kill People

Whatever You Do, Don’t Kill People

It’s kind of funny how much killing there is in Injustice 2, a game featuring many superheroes with supposedly firm stances against such a thing.

As fun as Injustice 2 is, there’s also plenty of things that don’t … quite fit. That’s the general gist of Dunkey’s latest view into Injustice 2, a world where Batman is a bit of a shitty dad, has even worse judgement, and isn’t averse to rewriting the history books either.

If you like the silliness of story in your fighting games, Injustice 2 is still worth a roll. Find out more in Mike’s review, below.


  • This isn’t Mortal Kombat, there are no ‘Fatalities’. When you defeat an opponent you are not killing them. Half the people are super powered and the regular people have taken pills to make themselves super powered, so shooting them and smashing them into walls isn’t that crazy.
    This is all explained in the game.

    Dunkey’s video is satire, I’m not sure Alex realizes that..

    • The guns should merely be considered force multipliers, its pretty much the same thing they do for weaker AFP officers during training (but obviously with batons and riot shields instead of guns).

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