Curling With Flying Cars Is The New Best Thing In GTA Online

Curling With Flying Cars Is The New Best Thing In GTA Online
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Source: wildbrick142

Shuffleboard and curling are way more exciting when you throw cars and ramps into the mix. GTA Online’s new mode, Overtime Rumble, does exactly that — and the community loves it.

In Overtime Rumble, instead of sliding a smooth stone on ice, you speed off a ramp in a car. Then, while still in the air, you activate your car’s parachutes and try to glide onto the board:

Each board in Overtime Rumble has sections that represent points, with bigger values printed on the smallest sections. So, the one point section is huge and easy to land on, while the five point section is really small and tough to nail consistently:

Everyone goes at once, so it’s chaos. The time limit also adds some pressure, because if you wait for too long, your car will blow up. Landing in of itself doesn’t make you any safer, because the other team can just knock you right off. By that same token, your team can help you out by ramming into you too.

It’s great when it works out: during one match, I had a friend bump me into a higher point area, all while scoring some points himself. Other times, though, friends can easily just push you into lower points — but at least you can laugh about it. Overtime Rumble is some of the most fun I’ve had in GTA Online in a long time.

Another great aspect of Overtime Rumble: once you land, your car is dead. You can only steer, not accelerate or brake. Stopping means coasting, hitting someone else’s vehicle, or turning your tires to burn off speed. Depending on the playing field, these techniques can be tricky! One map, for example, has a large downhill area with scoring areas dotted along it, and the highest point area is at the bottom of a hill that’s very easy to overshoot.

My favourite method is to use a wall to help me slow down, all while wiggling my car back and forth. Watching people go really slow, while also trying to crash into each other is a unique sight in GTA Online.

The mode is so good that fans on the GTA Forums are raving about it:

I love just watching other people play, too. My favourite moments of Overtime Rumble are the super close victories where you are balancing precariously on the edge, hoping your car will stay balanced for just a few more seconds until the round is over.

(Source: Wildbrick on GTA Forums

Another memorable thing that can happen: slamming into someone and sending them flying. the community is sharing many awesome moments like these on Youtube.