Duck Hunt, Recreated In Halo 5

Duck Hunt, Recreated In Halo 5

GIF source: Unsorted Gaming.

Halo 5 will probably never be anybody’s favourite Halo, but it might end up somebody’s favourite Zelda, Mario Kart, or (now) Duck Hunt — because nobody ever said the world needed to make sense.

This map is actually more than a simple remake, though. “Duck Hunt,” as created by Halo 5 Forge user Spartan Blood 1 and demonstrated by Unsorted Gaming, is a clever game type where one player shoots and everybody else uses energy swords to try and dart out of harm’s way. Observe:

It’s like jumping on a trampoline while somebody throws rocks at your head! I know this because my childhood friends and I were very dumb, and we should not have been allowed outside.

You can download the map here and the game mode here.


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