Fans Celebrate 30 Years Of Metal Gear

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Konami released the first Metal Gear on July 13, 1987. Created by Hideo Kojima, the stealth game came out on the MSX2 computer and went on to spawn a successful and beloved franchise. This week, fans said thanks.

Under the hashtag #MG30th and #メタルギア30周年 (or "Metal Gear 30th Anniversary"), Twitter users have been uploading photos, art, memories and comments. Some of them have even been retweeted by Kojima.

If you want to create anniversary fan art of your own, Twitter user Hakoriot created these unofficial 30th anniversary logos. 

Happy anniversary, Metal Gear!


    Metal Gear Solid was the first Metal Gear I played or even heard of. I played that game hours on end. I finished it countless times and always went back and played it again. Had the tuxedo, bandana and stealth suit too. Even took it to the next level and recorded all my gameplay on video tape via the VCR. Then played it again and recorded only the cutscenes and codec sequences.

    I mean this game consumed me for a good year and then some. Even to the point where a few friends and myself began writing up a complete walk through with pictures we cut out of magazines. Obviously we never did anything with this, but we would hand it around between us and add anything we could find.

    Metal Gear Solid was the game that I made friends in high school with and I hold it in a special place.

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      I remember my brother and I spending days trying to pass levels on Metal Gear Solid such great memories.

    Wait.... so it's Metal Gear's 30th anniversary, but the header image says Metal Gear Solid's 30th anniversary (which didn't come out until 1998)?

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