Gunbound Is Back As A Mobile Game

Gunbound Is Back As A Mobile Game
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If you ever binned tens of hours in the turn-based Scorched Earth MMO clone that is Gunbound, you might like to know that the game has made a return – on mobiles, of course.

Called GunBoundM and available for free on iTunes and Android, the basic gameplay follows the same template that the South Korean turn-based, Worms-esque MMO made popular almost a decade ago.

For those unaware, the original Gunbound saw players control a tank, or “mobile”, that would shoot bombs and bullets at other mobiles. Firing was controlled by managing the power and arc of your shot. You’d have to manage wind and the weight of various projectiles to aim accurately, and there were bonuses for hitting multiple mobiles, trick shots, and more.

A major difference with the mobile version is that you control a team of three mobiles in 1v1 matches, with two mobiles spawning on the field initially. You get to choose the spawn location of your third mobile after losing your first one.

But much like the original MMO, there’s plenty of ways to spend real money:

Still, much like all of those free-to-play pool games you can get on your phone, you can ignore the grosser elements easily enough. Plus, it’s Gunbound. Gunbound was awesome back in the day, and even though the mobile version comes with an aiming guide and it’s pretty gross with the monetisation, it’s still good fun for the daily commute.

GunboundM is available on iOS and Android right now. There’s even a quick tutorial if you’ve forgotten how to play.


  • Is it as prone to hackers as the PC version? That’s what ultimately made me stop playing.

  • Having to relearn how each ‘mobile’ works because they are definitely different. Ice’s SS is now a pinpoint hailstorm, A.Sate’s lasers aren’t affected by the tornado anymore and I haven’t tried all of them yet.

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