Portal 2's Theme, As Played By The Steam Controller

Image: Valve

Most people either love or loathe the Steam Controller, but one user has found an application that every gamer can enjoy.

User Mobile has, somehow, managed to rig the Steam Controller up in a way to blast out the whole of Portal 2's Want You Gone. It's not the cleanest version of the song you'll hear, but it's probably the first you've heard through the Steam Controller.

It's not the first time Valve's funky device has been used to bust out some tunes. Not long after the controller launched, pilatomic rigged up the device to play - because of course - Still Alive:

There's also a video showing off the Ghostbusers theme:


It's made possible through the Steam Controller Sings open source app, which turns the controller into a controllable MIDI device. If you've got Valve's controller lying around somewhere, the wireless dongle, and a USB 3.0 (not 2.0) hub, here's a guide on how to blast out some low-fi tunes.


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