There's A Neon Genesis Evangelion Marathon This Weekend

Image: Madman

Later this week, select cinemas around Australia and New Zealand will be holding special screenings of the Neon Genesis: Evangelion movies, as well as individual screenings of Evangelion 1.11, 2.22 and 3.33 the week after.

Madman announced the news with a trailer on their Facebook page last night. (The link went offline while writing this post, although if a new one appears I'll update with the new link.) The rescreening is part of a celebration to mark the 10th anniversary "since the start of the Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition franchise hit cinemas in Japan", according to the official website.

All films will be screened with Japanese audio and English subtitles. You can book tickets for individual screenings or the marathon sessions through the Madman site, which will take you to the specific sessions for each cinema. The full list of screening locations is below:

New Zealand
Event Cinemas Albany Event Cinemas Queen St Hoyts Metro Hoyts Riccarton Hoyts Sylvia Park Paramount Cinemas Rialto Dunedin

Dendy Canberra


Event Burwood Event George Street Event Macquarie Hoyts Blacktown


Event Garden City Mt Gravatt Event Myer Centre Event Pacific Fair


Event Marion


Hoyts Highpoint Hoyts Melbourne Central Village Century City


Event Innaloo Hoyts Carousel


Village Glenorchy


    Got my tickets! Remember to shower people ;)

      Hahaha. That's exactly what I was thinking! I was at a preview screening of the 300 once and the smell was really overpowering!

    Also its been 10 years since Rebuild started?! Oof.

    I've always wanted to see Shinji have a breakdown on the big screen... :D

    logistically how do these marathon work?

    338 minutes is almost 6. While I assume you can go to toilet whenever, do you like duck out for a meal or just suck it up?

      They usually allow 20 minutes between each movie.

        oh that's not so bad, seems quite reasonable actually

        it's basically like paying to watch movies on a bigger screen

          Yep. I quite enjoy it actually. I've done LOTR & The Matrix like this, and am doing Evangelion @ Dendy this weekend.

          Although (and Im going to be a heathen), really wish they were using the English dub rather than the Japanese. I'm not an elitist, and especially with anime where it isn't jarring like live action overdubs, feel the original dub doesn't add anything to the movie when I can't understand it in the first place.

            must admit I haven't watched any anime season in english but that's probably because as a japanese speaker there's no reason for me to find alternatives when I can understand the source

            now I feel inspired to find NGE in english haha

              I thought the English dub was mediocre for the rebirth films, but it's been a few years since I saw the last one. No disrespect to the good English voice actors out there (Matt Mercer, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Liam O'Brien, etc) but the Japanese seiyuu almost always have more contextual, more detailed performances.

                I poked around youtube last night and saw a few snippits of anime that i have watched in japanese and have been dubbed to english (FMA, NGE, Bleach and various Gundam shows)

                it feels jarring to hear it but I guess it's a familiarity thing. I can't say if it's good or bad, but I think it's mostly having gotten used to the JP VA and then suddenly hearing the Eng VA with the same characters is like "wtf?"

              Haha, if I knew Japanese, it wouldn't be a problem :P.

              I'm conversant in French, Spanish & German, but mostly because they were pretty minimal investment to learn as an English speaker. Even entry level Japanese\Chinese does my head in, and I feel would take years to get to the point where I'm remotely conversant.

            I did the Matrix that way too, they ran the two previous films leading up to midnight and then did the third film premiere at midnight. It was exhausting though, and the strobing light effects during the fight scenes in the third film just made things worse.

            Still, seeing Ramiel melt half a mountain on the big screen is pretty tempting. I didn't realise Dendy was running it, and Newtown is my local. I might see if I can work it in to the schedule.

              I saw event cinema advertise for a LotR trilogy marathon once... can't imagine sitting through that haha

    hmm $40 a ticket and jap dub, ill pass. Though seeing NGE on the big screen would be awesome.

      How is $13 a film with the original voicework a bad thing?

        Didn't say original voice acting was bad. I just prefer english dub so for me its a pass. No need to get defensive of your precious original japanes dubs

        Also $13 for a movie is alright, its just i thought maybe it would be discounted per movie compared to seeing a single one. Which technically it is actually but the only choice is adult tickets, so technically $13 per movie for an adult ticket is a fair bit of a discount off a single movie price but i normally get concession or student tickets for that much so it is no discount for me at all.

          Defensive? You listed Japanese voicework as a negative alongside the price, I just asked why. Not sure why you felt the need to respond snarkily to that and have a jab at me.

          I checked and the price is $35 at both Dendy and Event, so it's actually $11.66 per film. That seems like a pretty decent discount over the standard ticket price for both venues, I think only seniors and children at Dendy get a cheaper price.

    Are we still waiting for 4.44?

      Yeah, although the theatrical releases follow an x.0 numbering scheme (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) and the fourth is numbered 3.0+1.0 rather than 4.0. Anno was burned out from problems during 3.0's production and took a break, doing Shin Godzilla in the interim. The break apparently helped as he's back on Evangelion now and production is reportedly going well.

    Perhaps a little late for this thread but they madman is also doing a run of 22 Ghibli films starting in August I think. Much larger selection of Theaters too which will be nice.

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