Big Trouble In Little China's Hero Returns To Fight A Hellish New Foe In Old Man Jack 

We'll never need a big-screen sequel or (PLEASE NO) reboot of Big Trouble in Little China, because John Carpenter's goofy cult comedy is the perfect self-contained cinematic experience. But we welcome all non-movie works that celebrate the film's characters and mythology — such as the upcoming board game, and brand-new comic Old Man Jack.

Image: Boom Studios

As the title, which tips its Harley-Davidson trucker hat to Old Man Logan, suggests, the Boom Studios release is about an ageing version of Big Trouble's cocky, oft-bumbling, highly quotable hero. In the year 2020, he's 60, living in small-town Florida, and still talking to whoever'll listen through his old CB radio. He's also still cocky, but he's more than a bit lonely, too, so when a mysterious message crackles over the airwaves, he's ready to spring back into action.

That action arrives in the form of an ancient force named Ching Dai — far more powerful than movie adversary Lo Pan — who bursts through the infinite hells and emerges topside with sinister plans for the human race. And you know ol' Jack Burton will have something to say about that.

Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #1 is written by Carpenter and Anthony Burch, with art by Jorge Corona. The main cover is by Stephane Roux, with alternate covers by Sam Bosma, Michael Adams with Marco D'Alfonso, Will Robson, and Paul Pope (who also did a variant cover signed by Carpenter himself). We've already shown you Roux's main cover, plus the variants by Bosma and Adams with D'Alfonso. Here are the other variants, as well as some sample pages (including a glimpse at the dreaded Ching Dai) to get your excitement up even higher than it already is.

Art by Will Robson

Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #1 goes on sale September 20.


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