Holy Crap, Hellboy’s Coming To Injustice 2

Holy Crap, Hellboy’s Coming To Injustice 2

NetherRealm’s hit DC Comics fighting game uses the conceit of the multiverse to explain the countless different versions of characters. Apparently, the Right Hand of Doom exists on one of those infinite earths, because Hellboy is part of a crop of new fighters coming to Injustice 2.

Announced during a livestream from Gamescom, Fighter Pack 2 features two characters I knew were coming and one I’m so excited about I called my wife into my office to watch the trailer (Hellboy is her boyfriend.) Aquaman nemesis Black Manta and Raiden were shoe-ins, as their unmistakable silhouettes have been on the character select screen for ages.

Holy Crap, Hellboy’s Coming To Injustice 2

And now we know who the guy in the bottom right is. Many fans guessed it was Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. They were in the right neighbourhood.

Mike Mignola’s hell-spawn’s been one of the best characters in comics since his 1993 debut. A pair of Hellboy movies by Guillermo del Toro brought the gruff but lovable character into the public eye (Ron Perlman helped), and there’s an R-rated reboot in the works with a planned 2018 release. So yeah, Hellboy makes a lot of sense, even if he was a bit of a Dark Horse candidate (sorry.)

The first fighter from the pack will be available when Fighter Pack 2 goes on sale September 12. If Fighter Pack 1 was any indication, expect the other two fighters to trickle out over the months to follow.

That leaves three fighters for Fighter Pack 3. One is obviously The Atom. Who else? Another Mortal Kombat ninja? Now that we know non-DC Comics characters are a possibility, is Spawn still on the table? Maybe The Darkness? Let the rampant speculation begin!

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