No Man's Sky Players Are Marveling At The Lush New Grass

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Want to know how No Man's Sky has changed since launch? The first thing you should do is check out the beautiful grass.

The Atlas Update for No Man's Sky said, "The variety and visual quality of planetary biomes has been improved," but it didn't detail how or what. While there's a lot of cool new biomes, there's also significant difference in the colours and textures of the grass.

Now, this may seem like a minor thing, but No Man's Sky grass right now is like, the platonic ideal of grass, and it comes in dozens of soothing shades. I want to sink my toes into this.

No Man's Sky players have also definitely noticed the changes. One user on the the No Man's Sky subreddit is even trying to get a prettiest grass contest going. The old grass was still pretty, but it stuck straight up and looked uncomfortably pointy, and in general the colours weren't as saturated:

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The new grass looks touchable, has a soft shine to it, and the colours are deeper. Take a look at the grass images players are sharing online right now

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No Man's Sky grass has always come in a few different types, but I think the clover-esque grass looks especially good post update:

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This is all primo picnic grass, especially if you love to picnic on 1970s science fiction book covers. You think a future update will include dew drops? 'Cause that's honestly the only thing that could bring No Man's Sky's grass to the next level.


    It really is a beautiful game.

      People can hate on it, and in many ways rightfully so, but it's still a great game to just chill out to and explore.

        Agreed. If you're looking for action, look elsewhere. Personally, my time with NMS was bordering therapeutic. Greatly enjoyed.

    Has it got multiplayer yet?

      The game doesn't even have a player character... your gun just floats in mid-air.
      Until they add character customization I doubt anything significant will happen on this front.

      In theory it'll be nice but I spend my entire time navigating (very limited) item slots to (very slowly) progress through the game and get equipment. Until there is a system that isn't plopdumps and waggle-sags, added to this a way to cross the universe and be in the same system as another person at the same time.

      I have noticed that the visual updates make the game look more like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 (which isn't a bad thing). I hold out hope that they continue to take influence from all media, maybe adding some speed-up fps gameplay from battlefield, or COD.

      P.S. the grass looks much better, but so does the sky, it is nolonger washed out and has more stars/nebula. I can now see the curve of the planet and where I am in the Solar system. Keep up the changes!

    All I can say about the lush garden like worlds.

    BLOODY ANNOYING SENTINELS! PEW! PEW! OOOH Nice vistas. FECK OFF SENTINELS! PEW! PEW! PEW! wow look at that sunrise! BEGONE WITH YOU SENTINELS! ZAAAAAP-clickclick! Weapon Recharging!

      I know right. I would love an option to turn them off.

    The pic of the multi coloured grass in blues, greens and purples is amazing.

    I remember finding one planet with bright green grass that burnt my eyes to look at during the day and was still uncomfortable to look at under torch light at night.
    I remember it pissed me off a little that the first grass planet I found was actively trying to blind me.

    Some of the included tweets are from August 2016. Either those players have a time machine, or the grass isn't quite as different from a quick glance :)

    Will look at revisiting this once the Multiplayer component is fleshed out some more.

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