No Man’s Sky Players Are Finding Cool New Biomes In Latest Update

No Man’s Sky Players Are Finding Cool New Biomes In Latest Update

Atlas Rising, the latest No Man’s Sky patch, promised players “increased biome variety and rare exotic biomes”. Over the weekend, intrepid space adventurers have started to get a taste of what these strange new lands look like in action.

The GIF above comes from TheMya47, who discovered what appears to be a synthetic planet. It is the sort of place that looks odd from space, before you even land on it:

Watch TheMya47 explore this locale below, starting around the 2:10 mark:

Another player, TheCongzilla, recorded what fans are now calling a “bubble planet”. Unfortunately, bubbles do not seem to pop when the player walks through them.

Bubble planets look a little different during night time, as you can see in this footage by Sony Pony:

Kinda eerie, huh? Note, too, that the ground is full of dense metal orbs. Weird.

Redditor dinkleberriez found a planet with these floating contraptions. Apparently, nothing happens if you try shooting them down.

YouTuber LegitN00bM00ves stumbled upon a biome that I don’t even know how to describe. Is that some kind of crystal coral? Some of it kinda looks like giant jacks. And again, like all the other footage, you’ll note that the planet seems largely devoid of life.

Mac Foraday ventured into what he says the game calls an exotic “Forbidden Planet”. In it, he was surprised to find huge floating crystals:

Given the immense number of planets in the game, it’s possible there are more rare biomes that nobody has discovered yet. And since this No Man’s Sky patch is gathering enough hype to launch the game back onto the Steam top sellers list, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we see more bewildering biomes.


  • Even if this game became the title that Sean Murray sold people on originally, I’m big on people taking responsibility for their own actions.
    So until they are willing to talk about what happened, I domt see a single reason why I would buy it again.

    I know we will never get any talk on the matter, the toxic haters and toxic apologists made certain to hijack the focus of the controversy, stifling any chance of a practical conclusion.

    • You’re “big on people taking responsibility for their own actions” but working to fix many of the original problems with the game doesn’t count, apparently?

      • I thank you for proving my point and trying to invalidate my perfectly reasonable comment with a strawman.

        To humour you though, of course it counts, but it sure as hell doesn’t count toward what I was actually saying does it?


        • I still don’t really get your point, though. You won’t buy the game until Sean Murray makes a statement on what went wrong with the title? What is that statement going to do that a year’s worth of free patches that have completely overhauled the game not done already?

          It’s perfectly fine to say “I was burned by this game on launch, so I’ve moved on”, you don’t have to justify why you don’t want the game in the comments section of an article focused on looking at funky new plants that have been introduced after an update.

          • You don’t understand how I place weight in people taking responsibility for their actions?
            I highly doubt that my friend.

            Also doubt I honestly need to explain the difference between a statement regarding a particular situation verses patches for the game that have no relation to said situation.
            Even if you did beleive that, it still doesn’t make my point any less reasonable.

          • Do you know how much of a pretentious knob you sound?

            Mistakes happen, and HG are trying to make up for it by making the game they promised. So climb on down out of your own ass and grow up.

          • Now having a perfectly reasonable ideal makes me a pretentious knob?

            I’m not demanding or screaming in anger, I mearly stated my view.
            Why do you need to resort to the very behaviour you condemn?

      • Agreed. I mean, sure, the game wasn’t what was promised on release, and that’s crap, but at least they’re devoting time and resources to getting it close to what they said it would be.

        That’s a heckuva lot more than some game devs these days.

    • Yep, I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting any talk from Hello Games on the matter. People still react with too much vitriol on the matter. If HG started explaining themselves, the haters would swarm. Talk would not be productive.

      Meantime, I’m quite enjoying these updates. Responsibility doesn’t always have to include talk. One’s action can speak louder than words. Though HG don’t have to do so for my sake; I had fun with the original release, shallow it may have been.

      • Thanks Deek, I’m glad you’re enjoying it and stoked my criticism doesn’t enrage you.
        No question that it’s a complex kettle of fish.

        I agree, that sometimes actions can indeed speak louder than words, but I honestly feel those who stayed with NMS are owed that much anyway (in form of the patches) and won’t argue that something is better than nothing in life.
        But realistically I’m glad they kept adding, I’m just not impressed at a normal update cycle I’ve seen and been part of in countless Early Access games with equal amounts of controversy I suppose.

        As for the vitriol, I’ve seen more levied at any criticism than I ever saw thrown at the game and devs, I personally feel it’s being used as an excuse at this stage, I believe the reasonable people outnumber the toxic few and honestly beleive a genuine statement on the matter would only be beneficial.
        Who gives a toss what the haters think, the positive always shone through during the controversy thanks to moderation and journalism anyway.

        I know the haters would pop up just as I know others will highlight it, but I can’t beleive that the reasonable majority would be upset with a genuine statement.
        Then I would definitely expect actions to speak louder than the words!

  • I’ve only just brought into it, even though I followed the release I just watched the hype train leave the station.

    I’m enjoying the game, finding it a little gridy to keep the ship going. Haven’t gone to other worlds yet, but there seems to be heaps to explore on my starting world and way more then I expected there to be.

    I can see how you could look into it and feel let down. They talk about these new Biomes, however the world still feels void of life. You have larger creatures that could be classed as a mammals or reptiles in comparison to real life, but they just wonder around. There’s no nests or any real habitat or sign of life, just creatures walking around. It’s also missing the diversity of animals or any interaction from what I’ve seen. Where’s the king hunting it’s prey, where’s the a creatures that evolved to fly to avoid being prey. There’s no circle of life. There’d be waste and there’s flowers, but no insects.

    It’s far beyond a game being able to replicate the diversity of earth and it’s billions of species. But my feelings is that it’s still lacking in this part and that possibly I’ll get tired of the discovery aspect.

    Edit: This is in regards to the inhabited worlds. Understand if I end up finding most planets void if life.

  • I for one didn’t care about the game during it’s pre-release and avoided the hype simply because I didn’t care to read into it. I bought it during this PSN sale for a great price and feel like it’s more than worth my money I spent.

    I’m finding the sense of wonder in the exploration is fantastic and these new biomes sound amazing. I’m trying to avoid reading up on them though, because I find that the mystery of the game’s content gives me some kind of perverse glee.

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