The Switch Has Made Nintendo Cool Again

In the past, Nintendo has been synonymous with baffling business decisions and out-of-touch thinking. While that Nintendo still exists, the Japanese company has also started to reinvent itself this generation — and it’s all because of the Switch. The Switch actually feels cool in a way that the Xbox One and PS4 don’t.

In the latest episode of Fave This, a new podcast/YouTube show hosted by Gita Jackson and me, we dive into modern Nintendo and its highly-sought-after console. You see this makeover in everything, from the sleek design of the console, to the culture around JoyCon, to Nintendo’s brilliant new marketing strategy for the Switch. We also discuss No Man’s Sky, and how the new patches are winning back even the most sceptical haters. Discussion of Nintendo’s reinvention begins at 5:19, and discussion of No Man’s Sky begins at 23:40.

Watch us on YouTube in the video embedded above, or listen to us below. You can find an MP3 of this episode here, check us out on iTunes here (leave us a review!), and/or check out our RSS feed here.


    • Yeah, nah. Splatoon 2 is awesome, and I’ve got Sonic Mania on the side for something different. Haven’t played my PS4 since I’ve had the Switch because it’s so easy kicking back on the couch in handheld mode.

  • The switch in my eyes have sunk Nintendo even lower. Their answer for voip alone has shown how far behind they are.

  • Totally ‘cool’ if you like spending 400 dollars on a console for Zelda.
    Oh and android ports. Can’t live without those.

  • Cool? Don’t know about that but I’m having a blast with mine. Got lost in Zelda for weeks and now sinking deep into a Splatoon2 addiction. Couple of fun party games that are admittedly old but I missed are great with friends. I love the social aspect too. Couple of friends came over and we can play local multiplayer in Mario Kart etc.

  • It’s so good that I actually lament the fact if I buy a PS4 or Xbone game, that I’ll be tethered to my couch and it seriously makes me question whether I want to do that. I take the switch everywhere.

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