Which Ridiculous Historical Figure From Fate/Grand Order Would You Summon?

Since Fate/Grand Order made its way to the US, we've been embroiled in unlocking more and more historical figures for our digital Holy Grail War. The Fate series is basically a giant battle royale between famous people, both real and mythological, but their representation has varied from the odd to the utterly ridiculous.

The mobile game isn't yet available in Australia, but it's never too early to fantasise about historical figures fighting each other. So when those command seals pop up on your hand and the grail calls you to battle, which historical, literary or mythological being will come to your aid? Our handy quiz will let you know exactly which questionable interpretation of history you'll be fighting alongside for a shot at the golden cup.


    Well I didn't expect the result I got. I had a hard time answering the questions because I actually didn't like the options. Still Kawaii Paul Bunyon is a strong pick right? Right?!?

      I got Charles Babbage as Berserker. Well, I guess not being able to complete that programmable machine of his would make him rage a bit.

    While not really spoiler out of context, a heads up about the game of thrones question would have been nice for those of us waiting to watch the episodes

    Result: Charles Babbage, in a mech suit

    I'm okay with this.

    Charles Babbage in a Mech Suit. I tried answering the questions properly, but I didn't even know some of the references.

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