Why Dragon Quest Is The Best Game Series Ever, According To Me Personally

I love Dragon Quest. It’s my favourite game series. In the old days, Dragon Quest games were scarce here in the West, and while Square Enix has done their best to rectify the scarcity, they’re still not as explosively popular as they are in Japan. I wish they were more popular, so I could talk to more people about them. So here is a video where I try to convince you the series might as well be renamed Dragon Best.

It makes me sad when I see someone complain that a new Dragon Quest game is too similar to its predecessors. I don’t see this as a bad thing! It’s good that Dragon Quest games stay familiar: Every time a new Dragon Quest comes out, it’s like some friends you haven’t seen in 10 years have come over to play poker, and they look younger than they did last time; they’re wearing new clothes, and they have new careers, and they tell new stories. If you don’t love that, well, I wish you did!


  • I love the Dragon Quest games but there is 1 minor thing that pisses me off so hard and it’s one of those irrational type things. The spell names. Kazap? Fizz? Woosh? God those childish type names annoy me so badly.

  • Only bad thing is that it takes so long to get out of Japan, otherwise these games have always been good, and I have purchased all of them over the years.

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