Steam Link Is Available On Samsung TVs Now

Steam Link Is Available On Samsung TVs Now

Got a Samsung TV from 2016 or 2017? Good news: you can now stream Steam games direct through the TV, without having to have a second PC or Steam Link connected.

A Steam Link app has been released for Samsung 2016 and 2017 TVs through their Smart Hub app store. You’ll need to update your TV firmware as well, but once you’ve done that you can download the app and start streaming games from your laptop or gaming PC.

Small piece of advice: you’ll want to make sure your Samsung TV is connected via ethernet. Ethernet connections are best for Steam’s streaming service anyway, but that’s especially the case given that TVs don’t tend to have the strongest wireless receivers in them. (You might get away with it just fine, but it’s worth knowing beforehand.)

Steam also announced through their In-Home Streaming group that only four controllers are supported right now:

• Steam Controller • Xbox 360 wired and wireless • Xbox One wired • Logitech F510/F710

It’s a bit weird that the PS4 controller isn’t supported, given the native support added into Steam last year. But more controllers will be added in due course.

Nonetheless, it’s a handy little feature people Samsung owners might not have expected, especially if you bought your TV last year. Being able to stream something like the Jackbox packs directly to the TV, or something like The Witcher is a neat bonus to have. You could probably stream Battlegrounds and play it with the Steam Controller as well, if you’re brave.


  • That’s a nice surprise, too bad the living room TV is an old Sony, steam link works well so hopefully this has similar performance.

  • I tried this out a couple nights ago and it worked really well. I minimized the Big Picture app and was surprised to discover the Steam Link serves as a low-latency wireless stream for EVERYTHING on the desktop.

    Ran into problems last night, though, with the stream crashing out after ten minutes or so. Frustrating, because it was working fine on Wednesday night, so I assume there’s either some wireless sensitivity issues or patch things going on.

    Also, wasn’t using a logitech, just some cheap microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse combo. Used it to play Guild Wars 2.

  • Love the idea of steam streaming, but haven’t had much luck with it. Will give it a try though as my big screen Samsung will serve this purpose perfectly.

    Biggest issue is that small delay between pressing a button and something happening. Was killing me in the most minutest of ways 🙁

  • This is pretty awesome, definitely will be helpful for me if I move to a new place and my desk isn’t next to my TV. Currently I connect to my PC using a Displayport cable so everything runs pretty well


    Be careful with this. I had a reasonably new Samsung smart TV and now the youtube/screen mirroring on it is no longer supported.

    The cut a whole stack of apps and the tv is not as smart as what it once was. Samsung told me to pretty much accept it. Just be careful with your next purchase.

    • Or sooner or newer or something like that. Probably. I’ve just dropped the year in instead. Thanks for bringing it up !

  • Argh XBOX1 wireless controller isn’t supported with the adapter…..hopefully they will add that in later

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