Another Brutal Mass Effect: Andromeda Review, By JB Hi-Fi

Poor Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's copped plenty of beatings this year already, but that didn't stop a cheeky JB Hi-Fi staffer from putting the foot in one last time.

As spotted by Aussie developer Syama Mishra on Twitter, Andromeda might have fixed the dead eyes, but those janky animations will never be worth more than three stars.

Of course, it's not just Andromeda that JB staffers have been poking fun at of late. Here's some extras:

Thanks, Syama!


    KH 2.8 review is a bit far off the mark. Yeah it has an up-res of KH 3D but also contains an extiension on Aqua's store from BBS and the origins of the keyblade war which fills in story for the leadup to KH3

    Wasn't aware batman rode a green dragon. His nose also seems bigger than I remember.

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