JB Hi-Fi Has A Cheeky Dig At Fallout

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Did you think JB Hi-Fi was done with the burns for the week? JB Hi-Fi is never done.

Following JB's light sledge at Cricket 19, two Kotaku Australia readers have sent in some bangers. The first, and nicest, is this cheeky one for The Outer Worlds.

JB Hi-Fi Just Destroyed Australian Cricket

Sure, we might have won the Ashes. But that doesn't mean JB is gonna let Cricket 19 off scot free.

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The Outer Worlds is a good game! And it's also hugely popular, with a ton of stores running out of stock very quickly. A JB store made light of the situation at Fallout's expense, as snapped by Kotaku reader Andrew.

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Ooft. Around the same time, another reader sent in this cracker for Days Gone, which echoes how everyone felt about The Walking Dead.

And last but not least, a final crack at Fortnite:

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Ah, JB. Never change.


    I aspire to be the kind of person who brings so much joy with a game review.

    Praise be to JB

    Wish my local JB had these awesome tags, went in and nothing.

      Mine has pretty tame review tags for games but somebody there draws up some mean displays for the DVD section.

        Dear brother of mine, YOU are the awesome display in your town's store! As a bonus, you're conveniently portable as well as being a funny game review! So much win in one place hardly seems fair, tbh.

      A fair number of the ones that end up online come from just one store here in Melbourne.

        Well I can happily inform you that these came from the Broadway store in Sydney, because i am the aforementioned "Andrew" that took these picatures and emailed em to Alex @ Kotaku (thanx mate!) for everyone's amusement while my buddy and I waited for another awesome dude named Alex to compile our gigantic umm, pile of Playstation goodies. After chatting with Alex (from JB), it turns out that he is the creative comedian behind these cards @ the Broadway store, well at least these ones that we snapped anyway (we left out quite a few, tbh. A: time and B: discovering them in the store yourself is the fun bit. Sorry to those not in Syd who can't explore this rad store for themselves!) When we told him we were uploading em to Kotaku, he stared off into the distance wistfully and said "I've always hoped I'd get my joke cards in Kotaku one day..."
        Wish granted, dude.
        With all the shaving of this price, tweaking of that deal n swapping this thing for that, our boy Alex maximized our value for money and made a huge, exy AF pile of PS4's,VR kits, games and accessories into huge, nowhere near as exy pile of awesome stuff!
        Cheers, mate.
        TL;DR- JBHIFI @ Broadway are awesome n have the best gamer guys n gals for the job. Support this fkn rad, Aussie store plz guys!

    Fortnite lucky dip is gold! They should set up a camera on that!

    re: The Outer Worlds
    Honestly, it is GOTY. Tongue-in-cheek goodness. So so right, I'm honestly gushing and I don't care!

    TL;DR - buy The Outer Worlds = WIN!

      The outer worlds is good, but dated.

      Like... Levelled gear is a step backwards. Mobility is too low. Some consequences arent clear enough.

      For something so strictly narrative it doesnt help with logical consequences. I made one decision out of 2 and completely cut myself off from a resolution because of it. On an introductory quest.

      TOW mostly is scratching an itch that has been missing since vegas, but it is far from game of the year considering all the other contenders.

      I've only just started it and it feels like the scope and polish for a modestly funded game is really a step above.

      I've been told it's smaller than a Bethesda RPG and frankly I'm ok with that. I want a smaller scope but with much more tailored content. I don't need hundreds of hours of copy pasted buildings. I'd prefer 50 hours of crafted content.

    Keenly waiting to see if Outer Worlds is playable on the Switch first. Given how good Switcher 3 turned out that is.

    Its funny seeing this after the article a few spots down on how boring some people are finding the Outer Worlds (seems to be a 'love it or hate it or get Stockholm after 12 hours with it' deal) but I guess when you're comparing to Fallout 76 then anything is a step up.

    I'll wait for the GOG release! I've got plenty to keep me busy until then.

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