JB Hi-Fi Has A Better Name For Death Stranding

jb hifi death stranding review ps4

If Sony had rolled with this instead of Death Stranding in Australia, nobody would have blamed them.

Following our story featuring confessions from staffers behind those classic JB Hi-Fi reviews, a reader got in touch with a gem that we missed the first time around.

It's a simple gag, like most JB reviews, but it does the job. According to Damien, it was posted at JB's Albury/Wodonga store.

Props for describing Death Stranding better than Death Stranding.

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Thanks, Damien! See any other great JB reviews, or write them yourself? Get in touch!


    Oh buddy, there are forum posts from 2016 with this title and subsequent photoshops and meme.

    Seriously a google search will confirm this,
    I don’t wanna get all “you should research your sources before posting” but this was low effort fact checking man.

    Why all the JB hifi stories...?

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