Honest Game Trailers' Take On Destiny 2 Is Its Most Honest Trailer Yet

It might just be me, but Honest Game Trailers feels like it's transitioned from being a pure gag machine to actually providing solid, if brief, reviews of video games. The latest instalment, which looks at Bungie's Destiny 2 is probably the best example of what HGT is doing these days.

As with most titles that turn out to be decent, HGT doesn't spend much time trashing it. In fact, it sounds mostly likely an advertisement for the first minute-and-a-half, until it delivers the following punchline, accurately describing the gear grind of every MMO in existence:

...which is kind of like if doing a bunch of heroin rewarded you with extra needles.

This is also funny.

Image: Honest Game Trailers (via YouTube)

Long story short, Destiny 2 is more of Destiny, which is in no way a bad thing.

DESTINY 2 (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    as much as I like Destiny and Honest Trailers (well until recently when they turned into a cynical movie sins type thing), that was most definitely a paid trailer.

      I think I'd want a little more than "the shooting makes up for the rest of the game being a bit meh" for my bribe money.

        well the shooting and fighting even in the first game were highly well regarded, and seen as the pinnacle of the shooter industry. for all its flaws no one ever complained about those things, this just amps all that success by 10.

    Destiny 2 is more of Destiny, which is in no way a bad thing

    It is if you found Destiny boring and lacking any kind of meaningful content.

    Destiny 1 promised more so you were kinda along for the ride seeing where it was going to go...now D2 is out with all of what Bungie learnt, and its kinda dull.

    Like if doing heroin gave you more needles, goddamn.

    For me to buy Destiny 2 it needed to be what Battlefront 2 is to 1. Heaps more content and a proper single player campaign.

      How do you do a 'proper single player campaign' (not that I disagree btw) when the single player campaign is basically the tutorial?

      Like Diablo 3's campaign, its merely there to get you to the end game, which is nothing more than shooting stuff. If you want a fully fleshed out campaign, you need to look elsewhere. This is an MMO, and that's it. and MMO's all have this same flaw - with rare exceptions (that get blasted for it - SWO for example) they aren't single player campaigns.

      Treat it as an MMO, and you'll be closer. And as an MMO, there are still flaws, don't worry about that. 4 zones, each with 3 tasks a day to grind tokens you don't need, 5 or 6 strikes to do repeatedly (I think its 5 for all, and a PS4 exclusive. Could be wrong.), and one 6 person raid you can do weekly. And PvP.

      And if you don't engage with all or most of those, it gets pretty repetitive pretty fast. The shooting IS fun though, which given their Halo experience should be something they nail.

      Personally, there needs to be more for the casual gamer. More variety in the PQ's, more milestones to do to gear up, that sort of thing. You end up getting stuck in a rut, and not advancing your character very fast, if at all.

        I wouldn't diminish the focus on the single player of Diablo III, there was a huge push for that pre launch, including the embarrassing fawning of Leah by the developers in the behind the scene materials included with the CE. Prior to Reaper of Souls' adventure mode you couldn't do anything but play the campaign and the adventure mode to cynics (including myself) was sometimes viewed to be something of an apology to said campaign.

        FYI I had to go to the wiki to get the name right, I thought it was Laura, I guess this means I'm over my hate for that Mary Sue ;)

          Mostly used D3 as it was the first game that sprung to mind. If you judge it solely on the campaign, you miss so much more that the game gives you. Maybe not at the start, but these days its just an avenue.

          WoW is the same. You get through the content just to get to raid/dungeon grinding. Nothing wrong with it, a decade plus has shown that it works, just that the story isn't the be all and end all for most online focussed games.

          And its not what you should be focussing on with Destiny (1 or 2) either. Which doesn't mean its a bad story by the way, its not. Its just relatively short when compared to how long you'll spend playing the game after you finish it.

      It's got about a 10hr campaign, so not bad for a fps. And probably about another 10hrs of side missions without repeating anything. After that the grind sets in, but if you are just interested in playing the missions you will get a fair few hours out of it still.

    Unpopular opinion: I love Destiny 2!

      Going by sales, and player base, you're actually holding the popular opinion...

    The fact that they didn't bring up the microtransactions seems a bit weird to me, They usually go for the controversies when they do an honest trailer.

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