I'm Unreasonably Excited For Golf Story, Which Comes Out This Week

After bugger all news since its initial reveal, Golf Story has appeared. Or, more precisely, will appear on the eShop this week.

Nintendo of America confirmed earlier this morning that the unusual looking golf RPG will launch on the Switch on Thursday US time (so Friday morning for Australians):

The cute sports game was first announced in May, and quickly revealed a range of non-golf related elements. The trailer featured an NPC talking about espionage, golf balls were on fire for a second, there was a graveyard at one point, and there's cute ducks everywhere.

Golf Story might actually be my Don Bradman game for this year. Please don't ask why.


    This looks so good.

    Not good enough for me to buy a Switch on the strength of it alone, but maybe this plus Stardew Valley...

    Damn Switch exclusives!

    Hopefully it comes out on something else in the near future.

    Games, games everywhere and not enough time to play them all!

    The last thing I want to see - more games i like the look of/want to buy/want to play - and lo and behold this looks amazing, instant regret from clicking on this page! :D

    People are playing the game in America but no sign of it on the Australian store. Any news on this?

      I'm in the U.S. and it's not out here yet. Dev confirmed on Twitter release is 9 a.m. PDT, 11 p.m. AEST. So you actually will get it a few hours before us.

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