Madhouse Isn't Doing One-Punch Man Season 2

When hit anime One-Punch Man comes back for its second season, the studio that handled it the first time around won't be returning.

[Image: Madhouse]

Madhouse did season one, which debuted in 2015. That studio has an impressive resume, animating some of the most iconic modern anime, such as Perfect Blue, Death Note and Paprika.

Season two, however, will be animated by J.C. Staff. Also, season one's original director Shingo Natsume won't be returning, and Chikara Sakurai will instead be taking the helm.

Below is an interview with Natsume that was uploaded this past winter in which he talks about One-Punch Man.

One-Punch Man season 2 is currently in production, but it doesn't yet have a broadcast date.


    Outside of a very small number of them, when it comes to anime the director really doesn't matter. What matters is the art director and the key animators. Madhouse brought in some extremely talented key animators for One Punch Man, and as long as JC Staff are willing to do the same, there's no reason to expect the quality would drop.

    That said, a show moving studio between season while not unprecedented is often not a great thing, at least in the cases where the first season was actually good.

    I bet the reason that Madhouse passed on One Punch Man is that they're expecting to be extremely busy with the new Cardcaptor Sakura anime starting next year.

      blurgh. giving up OPM for Card Captor. bastards.
      lets hope its still carries the same great style it did in season one.

        Clamp stuff is what put Madhouse on the map. The original Cardcaptor Sakura was one of the best animated anime of the 90s - I wouldn't want anyone else working on it.

          Exactly. I'm super hyped to see the return of Sakura after so many years. It's exactly why my cynical heart needs these days.

      The problem is that JCS just doesn't do that. Not often, at least. They are known for doing a serviceable job and being more of a workhorse than visionary artists. Expect "good enough" quality (if we're lucky), but nothing nowhere near Madhouse level.

    As long as somebody is continuing, I'm really enjoying the anime.

    A little concerning.

    Also, new CCS? Why? The original one is great, does it really need revisiting?

      They started a new Manga arc a while ago. Sakura is in middle school now, and suddenly all her cards go blank and become powerless so she's got to capture new ones while figuring out what's going on.

      Madhouse have an anime adaptation starting in January.

        Maybe, maybe it's not as bad as all that.

        I'm supposing the new manga arc is being penned by the writer/s of the original?

          Of course. Still CLAMP, still Nanase Ohkawa as the main writer, and she's credited as the writer for the anime adaptation too, just as she was for the original anime.

    Was GEMBA, Millepensee, Liden Films not available?

    I dont give a shit about the studio as long as they dont fuck up the anime. At the moment it has great potential to reach the top 20 best anime and if they do it well it will certainly happen. So let us pray they dont mess it up.

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