Nine Inch Nails Is Releasing A Vinyl Of The Quake Soundtrack

Image: Nine Inch Nails

It's the 20th anniversary of the Quake soundtrack this year. So to celebrate, the musicians responsible are releasing a vinyl to celebrate.

The makers being Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, of course.

The 20th anniversary vinyl was announced earlier this year. It's only of late that a listing for the LP has popped up on the official Nine Inch Nails storefront. It's pretty straightforward:

There are a lot of game soundtrack vinyls these days, so it's only fair that Quake get its dues as well. There's no price, but judging by the single LPs on their store you can expect to pay between $US20-30 not including shipping, which isn't too bad.

Alternatively, you could just listen to the full soundtrack on Youtube. It's about an hour long, and the quality won't be anywhere near as good as the LP, but it's there nonetheless.


    Hell yes. Big Reznor fan and this soundtrack is fantastic.

    Btw the whole thing is on the Quake cd-rom which can be acquired cheaply. Although the lure of having this cool artifact is too much!

    Wonder if it'll be remastered to include his wifes singing....

      Hahahahaha let's just pretend that never happened okay?

    I bought the Windows CD for this back in the day, just for the soundtrack, even though I couldn't play the game on my Mac*.

    * A Mac version did turn up later tho.

      Was awesome because the soundtrack was audio and could be played in a CD player (remember those?)

    "Nine Inch Nails is releasing a vinyl". You have no idea how much this headline riles me up, being a record collector .

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