Pro Overwatch Players Sing Smash Mouth While Obliterating Opponents

Pro Overwatch Players Sing Smash Mouth While Obliterating Opponents

Somebody once told me Envision is gonna roll me.

It was a very good weekend for Envision, an American pro Overwatch team that’s recently risen up from obscurity to knock a handful of top teams down a few pegs in Overwatch‘s official minor league, Contenders. Confirming their status as up-and-comers with a serious upside, they managed to win Dreamhack’s 2017 Montreal LAN tournament and sweep well-regarded team Kungarna in a Contenders match on the same day.

That building momentum in mind, you can understand why Envision would feel motivated to spontaneously break out into song during a Dreamhack match against Mirage Sport Electronique. You’ll never guess which one they picked:

Yep, it’s “All Star” by Shrek-themed art rock concept band and current Gizmodo Media owners Smash Mouth.

It’s a pretty great scene, though. Envision sprints out to start the match, singing all the way, and barely misses a beat while dominantly taking the point. “All that glitters is gold,” sings one member of the team as they complete the capture. “Only shooting stars break the mould.”

Despite a valiant effort from Mirage, Envision went on to take that match and then, later, defeat Mirage again in Dreamhack’s finals. I suppose you could say that they got the show on, and then they got paid.


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