The Cosplay To End All Cosplays

Image: Twitter (SamMaggs)

Pack it up. We're done for the year.

There's been plenty of outstanding cosplay this year. But nobody is going to come within a whisker of what is comfortably the cutest cosplay of the year so far: an infant at Edmonton Expo playing the best tiny Logan.

There's nothing about this that isn't 1000% on point. How many kids that age have you seen with that intensity? The cosplay and hair is ridiculous as well. The arms play into it perfectly. Even the eyebrows are on point.

Just the best.


    The whole form, baby muscle and all. If Wolverine existed in chibi form, this is it.

    I look forward to the spot on Vegeta cosplay next ;)

    Ow! My ovaries!

    ("Whaddayathink you're doin', bub?" "Who're you callin' bub, bub?")

    Something is not right...

    Are the proportions off?

    Is that a midget?

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