This Claymation Trailer Is Pretty Incredible

This Claymation Trailer Is Pretty Incredible

Earlier today we featured a list of the best video game trailers. They’re very good indeed, but there’s an absolute corker that we didn’t include.

It’s a claymation trailer for Dujanah, a clay-punk adventure game which came to Steam earlier this month. It’s the latest indie from Jack King-Spooner, the maker of Beeswing.

King-Spooner tends to make unusual games. Beeswing, for instance, was a hand drawn game about helping citizens in a village sort out their problems.

For Dujanah, the setup is about a grandfather traumatised by the war. “He was bitter, quick to anger and aggressive. He’d grown to hate animals too. Should a dog yap, he’d rush to kick it,” the Steam description reads.

But that doesn’t really prepare you for the trailer.

There’s the fact that this looks so different to everything else out there right now. But there’s also the music syncing up with the words in the trailer. There’s the claymation. The changes of scenery, shifts in perspective and gameplay.

It might just be the most eyecatching trailer this year. Which, when you think about it, is exactly what indie games need to do.

Dujanah is available on Steam and for $US8.99 (under $12 on


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