Why Metroid: Samus Returns Is The Metroid To Play

Why Metroid: Samus Returns Is The Metroid To Play
GIF: Kotaku
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Metroid games have a cult following, but the backtracking, secret areas and puzzles can be a little too frustrating for some. And that was the case for dunkey, who wondered why Metroid 2 was the game that kept getting so much love. Until he played Samus Returns.

It’s not one of his funnier videos, but it is a neat and quick breakdown of the problems that some gamers have with the Metroid series, and Metroidvania games in general. The backtracking, sprawling and adventuring gets fun – up until the point where you hit a literal wall, seemingly can’t continue, and aren’t given any visual cues on how to progress.

Samus Returns gets around some of that, thanks to the scan pulse. It still might not have as variety in enemies as, say, Hollow Knight, but hey. It’s a proper Metroid game, minus some of the frustration.

Just makes me wonder: how long until Samus Returns appears on the Switch? Or Hollow Knight, for that matter.

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