Assassin’s Creed Origins Writer Explains His Job And How He Got It

How do you get a job writing the next Assassin’s Creed game? Alain Mercieca, who is leading the writing of this month’s Assassin’s Creed Origins, wrote a play that caught the eye of one of the series’ cinematic directors. Soon, he was writing an epic game set in ancient Egypt.

In an interview we recently shot at Ubisoft Montreal, Mercieca explains his leap into the AC series and describes what he’s trying to achieve with the game’s script. No spoilers, but you’ll get a sense of the marks the team is striving to hit.

Video edited by Paul Tamayo.


  • The thing that shits me the most about Assassins Creed is every one is the last one for me.

    The universe is amazing, it’s just the wonky jalopy you traverse it with that kills it.

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